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Funniest Toolbox Short Jokes

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  1. two screws in a toolbox and one says to the other "do I have to go first?" the other replies... "come on, you know the drill."
  2. A construction worker asked me to make a joke about the contents of his toolbox. Unfortunately, I don't have any drill bits.
  3. I rearranged all the wrenches in my Dad's toolbox. Nobody expects the spanners switch position!
  4. A hammer is introduced to the members of a new toolbox, The Hammer sees his old friend and the Wrench giving the tour says:
    You know the drill but do you know the screwdriver?
  5. Can I c**... in your place tonight? Sure! But you're gonna have to make your own bed Here are the wood planks, the nails and the toolbox
    ^^^^I'm ^^^^sorry

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Toolbox One Liners

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  1. Why did the toolbox cry? Because it felt saw.
  2. You wanna know why the call me the toolbox? Because I screw, then I nut, and then I bolt.
  3. What monsters are all the tools in the toolbox afraid of? Vampliers
  4. What sound does a frog make that lives in a toolbox? Drillbit drillbit
  5. What rapper would you find in a toolbox? Plies!
  6. Are you a toolbox? Because I'm a tool and need to go inside of something.

Toolbox joke, Are you a toolbox?

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A grandfather sits flustered in his workshop unable to recall where he left his toolbox. He calls over his grandson and asks him, "son, what's the name of the German that keeps stealing my tools?!"

"Alzheimers granddad, Alzheimers."

A general is being driven in a jeep through the desert on the way to a training exercise.

Out in the middle of nowhere, the jeep breaks down. The female jeep driver jumps out, opens the hood and starts working on the engine. The general, wanting to be helpful, finds a toolbox in the back and opens it. "Do you want a screwdriver?" he asks.
"Might as well, it's going to be a while before anyone shows up," she says!

A bus breaks down and the driver pops the hood to investigate

A blonde passenger who is a certified mechanic comes out with her toolbox, eager to help and show off her training and also give blondes a good reputation for a change. She leans behind the bus driver and sees a loose bolt, so, helpful, she asks: "Fancy a screw driver?"

Toolbox joke, What sound does a frog make that lives in a toolbox?