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  1. Tony Romo was depressed after yesterday's loss. He was so upset he got his gun, pointed it at his throwing hand, and pulled the trigger.
    He's OK, The bullet was intercepted.
  2. Tony Romo might be joining Troy Aikman as a Fox sports announcer.... With two gay Cowboys they can call their pre game show Broke Back Announcin'
  3. I for one am happy that Tony Romo is getting the credit he deserves for his commentary of NFL games He's finally found something he's good at
  4. I will never give Tony Romo a high five The risk of killing him is too high. I'm too pretty for jail.
  5. Did you hear? Tony Romo tried committing s**... after yesterday's game... But the bullet was intercepted.

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Tony Romo One Liners

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  1. Tony Romo just tried to kill himself The bullet was intercepted
  2. My truck is a lot like Tony Romo. It will turn over, but the clutch doesn't work.
  3. I found a bug in Madden 2015 I sacked Tony Romo, and he didn't break his collarbone.
  4. Tony Romo, Michael Vick, and Eli Manning walk into a bar... watch the playoffs.
  5. What is Tony Romo's favorite lottery game? Pick Six
  6. Congratulations Tony Romo. For finally making it to the Super Bowl.
  7. If Tony Romo was a potato, what would his job be? Common-tater
  8. What does Tony Romo and JFK have in common? Both of their careers ended in Dallas.
  9. how do you tony romo in spanish? mark s**...

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