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  1. I'm opening a Tom Petty themed Japanese Restaurant It'll be called, Udon, know how it feels
  2. This entire year I was looking forward to being Tom Petty for Halloween But now going as a zombie is just to basic
  3. It is really sad to hear that Tom Petty's family is fighting over his estate. After all, it is really just petty cash.

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Tom Petty One Liners

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  1. Tom Petty died yesterday of a cardiac arrest I blame the Heartbreakers
  2. TIL Tom Petty had a brother that owned his own nail salon Manny Petty
  3. What kind of underwear did Tom Petty wear? He didn't. He was free ballin'.
  4. What makes Tom so petty? He's the leader of the Heartbreakers.
  5. What did Schrodinger name his cat? Tom Petty.
  6. Tom Petty doesn't use a parachute He's free fallin'
  7. I guess the last heart Tom Petty broke Was his own...
  8. Hey, has anybody heard... Hey has anybody heard the new Tom Petty unplugged album?
  9. My trivia team name tonight: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  10. I heard Tom Petty died.. What a Heartbreaker
  11. David Bowie and Tom Petty have one thing in common ....but they don't talk much about it.
  12. Why does Tom Petty enjoy skydiving? Because he's Free Fallin'!
  13. I'm so petty People call me Tom

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