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What does tofu and a vibrator have in common?

They are both meat substitutes

I've just realised why I don't like tofu

It's literally just a curd to me

Vegans don't beat their meat

They beat their "0% dairy all organic tofu"

Tofu joke, Vegans don't beat their meat

TOFU by using the wrong vowel

Truly delicious tofu recipe:

1) Chuck the tofu.

2) Fry a juicy steak.

I've come to the realisation that tofu is over rated-

It's just a curd to me.

What did the Buddhist say to the tofu hot dog vendor?

"Make me one with everything."
Then, after getting his tofu hot dog, the Buddhist hands the vendor aΒ  twenty dollar bill.Β  The vendor takes the money and begins helping theΒ  next customer.
The Buddhist looks puzzled and asks the vendor, "Where is my change?"
The vendor replies, "Change comes from within."

Tofu joke, What did the Buddhist say to the tofu hot dog vendor?

Tofu is really overrated

It's just a curd to me.

How did the vegetarian quit smoking?

He went cold tofu.

I like making jokes about vegetarians...

but never about tofu, that's just tasteless.

As I was having lunch a few minutes ago, I came to the conclusion that tofu is highly overrated.

It's just a curd to me.

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I heard that Hillary Clinton is actually made of tofu.

She's white, bland, uninspiring and not tasty unless dipped in melty cheese.

What form of deadly martial arts are soybeans trained in?


What martial art does a vegan kick boxer specialize in?


Have you heard the joke about a rice cake who raped a bunch of tofu?

I thought it was pretty tasteless.

When do you serve tofu turkey?


Tofu joke, When do you serve tofu turkey?

The other day I mistook Tofu and Tuff...

Now I don't have my teeth anymore.

My Hispanic friend in the Navy is allergic to tofu

He's a no soy marinero

What martial art is done using only your feet?


(I know original content is rare here, so as soon as I thought of this I made sure to post it here)

What's a vegans best pick up line?

Want tofu ck

What do you call a really, super-stinky piece of tofu?


I just recently became a vegetarian.

I quit meat cold tofu.

I recently realised that tofu is over rated.

It's just a curd to me.

Source: some organic food companies truck in Auckland.

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