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A prisoner has been digging up a tunnel under his cell for years

One day he while he was digging he saw the light, he reached the end of tunnel and ended up in a kindergarten playground

"I'm free, I'm free!" shouted the escaped prisoner

"so what? I'm four" said one of the toddlers

LPT: If you've got toddlers at home, and you're going to take them out...

You can probably get away with using a light sedative. Save chloroform for children 12 and older.

A man and a blonde woman are talking about their children while waiting for them at nursery.

Man: How many kids do you have here mam?

Blonde: Oh I have two toddlers. What about you?

Man: I have one that's just under two.

Blonde: Look I know I'm a blonde, but I know how much one is.

Toddlers joke, A man and a blonde woman are talking about their children while waiting for them at nursery.

When toddlers get naked and run around giggling, it's "cute" and "funny"

...but when I do it, I'm "drunk" and "not allowed back in Target"

What do you call an army of toddlers?


What do toddlers and paleontologists have in common ?

They both want to know your top 5 favorite dinosaurs

What do you call an army of toddlers?


*insert cringe here*

Toddlers joke, What do you call an army of toddlers?

Susan taught all the toddlers a new song during Sunday school.

While learning "Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone", the children stumbled when coming to the line "The consecrated cross I'll bear." After a bit of practice, everyone seemed to have gotten the hang of it and class was let out.

The following Sunday, a concerned mother came up to Susan and asked why her daughter was so focused on a constipated, cross-eyed bear.

Did you hear about the band of roving pirate toddlers?

They spend their days sailing the Hi-C

Last year 52 Americans were shot by people who barely speak english, have no marketable skills, and are prone to angry outburst based on their views...

...toddlers are the worst.

What do white supremacists send their toddlers to before kindergarten?


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When my kids were toddler age anytime we went outside they would always tell me to put their shoes on for them.

Every single time my response was, "I can't put your shoes on. They don't fit me."

I would laugh, they would glare. It was good times. Hopefully some of you with toddlers get as much mileage out of this one as I did.

Toddlers are like Jesus

They turn water into whine.

How many toddlers does it take to paint a garage?

One of you throw it hard enough.

Why are more toddlers not in jail?

When it's nap time, so many resist a rest.

I will always regret the time of my life where I stole Minivans

I was just so amazed that they made shoes for toddlers.

Toddlers joke, I will always regret the time of my life where I stole Minivans

How many toddlers does it take to change a light bulb

Apparently more than 20 seeing how my basement is still dark

Why do parents send their toddlers to the army for daycare?

Because they're sending them to the infantry!

5% of toddlers are overweight

and they're called waddlers"

I won a 5 on 1 street fight yesterday

Those toddlers had it coming

What do you call toddlers who are dictators?

Dictator Tots

What do you call toddlers with down syndrome?

Tater Tots

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