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  1. Today I learnt a school of piranhas will rip every inch of flesh of a child's body in under a minute.
    Today I also lost my job at the aquarium.
  2. Learnt an interesting fact today..... If you spell "Absolutely Nothing" backwards, you get "Gnihton Yletulosba" which actually means......... ........... Absolutely Nothing!!
  3. Today I learnt koala bears aren't actual bears. They're marsupials. I guess they don't meet the koalafications.
  4. Young Bubba run up to his Mum and says, Momma, momma... At skool today, in the toilets, I learnt I got the biggest pee pee in fifth grade.
    That's nice Bubba, she says, but you are 26 years old.
  5. Today in biology class we learnt about all the health problems related to cigarettes Thank god I switched to crack last week
  6. I learnt two things today: 1. Sofa s**... can be wild and exciting.
    2. The staff in DFS are quite narrow-minded.

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Today Learnt One Liners

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  1. Today I Learnt... Statistics is mainly about.. Rejecting H0s.
  2. TIL Today I learnt what TIL meant.
  3. Today in class we learnt what makes water boil! The science behind it is mistifying!
  4. Today I learnt how the ~ character is named TIL til
  5. I learnt a new word today .... try to surmise it, I will give you three surmises.
  6. You learn something new every day. Today, I learnt that f**... is not a boxing move.

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What NOT to say to a loved one

Dear Reddit, I learnt today that it is not a good idea to say 'I'm gonna miss you when you're dead' to your parents. Especially when they're all gathered around at a f**....

Little Suzy was upset and crying...

"What's wrong?" Asked her mother
"We learnt about the moon landing today." Said Suzy
"What's upsetting about that, I was a great American achievement." The mother explained
"Yeah but our teacher said that because of the sun the flag would turn white" Suzy sobbed out
"Yes that's because of the UV rays, why does that matter?" Said the mother trying to comfort her
Suzy explained her reasoning "Because if something happens to our records, people in the future will think that it wasn't us that went but the French."