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  1. I asked a Spanish teacher to translate this sentence "Me llamo comprar"
    She looked at me confused and said
    "Your name is to buy?"
    "It's pronounced Toby"
  2. I recently found out my wife Nicole is allergic to Toby, my golden retriever It was really hard leaving the pound without Nicole
  3. Some people like to claim slavery was a choice. I guess "Toby" was Kunta Kinte's safeword.
  4. What would Shakespeare say if he was directing the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, and currently casting Peter Parker? Toby or Not Toby, that is the question! 🤔
  5. Taylor swift: so he calls me up and he's all like "I still love you" and I'm like...
    Wait, is this Connor, Patrick, Joe, Luca, Taylor, John, Cory, Toby, Jake, Garret, Eddie, or Harry?
  6. Why was Kunta Kinte such a renowned philosopher? He pondered the question "Toby, or not Toby?"
  7. If I ever have to choose who dies, my mother or my dog, Toby's gotta go... ...straight for the t**...

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Toby joke, If I ever have to choose who dies, my mother or my dog, Toby's gotta go...

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  1. What has 132 legs and 8 teeth? The front row of a Toby Keith concert.
  2. It turns out that 60's rocker Steppenwolf was an assumed name. He was born Toby Wild.
  3. What do you call a bee with a toe? "Toby"
  4. What do you call a man who got stung on the toe? Toby
  5. Why does Michael Scott hate Hamlet? Toby or not Toby
  6. Where did baby Toby go for his engagement ring? He went to Jareth!
  7. So Toby went to prison for eating apple Jacks Turns out Toby was a cereal killer
  8. Spiderman (Toby Maguire) wasn't funny a bit. He always s**... at delivery.
  9. Toby Fox sells almonds and pecans. Because he's a... **N U T D E A L E R**
  10. Why did Toby r**... a girl? He couldn't Turner on

Toby joke, Why did Toby r**... a girl?

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Mr. Johnson was playing in his frontyard with his fav grandson Toby when he saw Toby's teacher approaching

Mr. Johnson : "Toby go hide now, boy. It's your teacher. Aren't you skipping school?"
Toby : "Oh no! You go hide grandpa! Quick! Now!"
Mr. Johnson "Why should I? You're the one skipping school here!"
Toby : "That's the problem, grandpa. I told Mr. Anderson you died this morning. That's why i'm skipping school"

Toby joke, Some people like to claim slavery was a choice.

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