Tish Jokes

My 9 year old son just told me this one

Q: What do you call 5 doctors and nurses on a ship?

A: A decade

Ba dum tish.

So, a Farmer's Daughter walks into a Bar . . .

. . .n.
 *ba dum tish*

Why did the dog sit in the shade?

It didn't want to be a hotdog.

*ba dum tsss

*ba dum tish


Why don't the Amish waterski?

The horses would drown.

Ba-dum TISH

I was walking into my berdoom


[Pun] Why did Henry invent the assembly line?

He couldn't a-Ford not to.

*bad-dum tish*

Did you hear the one about the speed bump and the cymbal?

Ba-dum, tish.

What's the best about a poet in a prison?

Oh you know, it has it's prose and cons.

Badum Tish.

It's my first here, be gentle.

What do you call a Generation Z fighting style?

Yeet Kune Do.

\*badum tish\*

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