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Why was Six afraid of Seven?

Because Seven is a convicted felon and it is clear that prison life wasn't easy on him. It doesn't help that Six is, naturally, a little timid.

A timid friend of mine was arrested at the border for being a drug mule.

I didn't know he had it in him.

Sinatra is diagnosed with schizophrenia...

He goes to see a psychologist and starts talking about his split personalities.

One is the charismatic singer who can perform and woo crowds with his talent and charm.

The other is Steve, who is reserved and shy and can't even speak in front of a more than a few people.

He starts off talking, timid and soft spoken.

The psychologist stops him and says Listen, first I'm gonna need you to be Frank with me

What do you call a timid Canadian shellfish?

A cool clux clam.

I wouldn't call short-format comedy timid, but...

It sure is skittish

Why did the timid lawyer sue her landscaper for delivering oversized rocks?

She wanted to try something a little boulder.

Why are vegetable farmers so timid?

Because they didn't grow a pear

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