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Top 10 of the Funniest Tidy Jokes and Puns

I know the feeling...

An auto mechanic in the hospital was chatting nervously with his surgeon while being prepped for an operation. "Sometimes I wish I'd gone into your line of work," he told the doctor. "Everything you doctors do is so cut and dried and tidy. With me, I spend half a day taking an engine apart and putting it back together, and it seems like I always have a couple of parts left over."

"Yes," said the surgeon. "I know the feeling."

I thought I'd lost my LSD at my Grans house.

I went around and asked her if she'd found a small see through bag when tidying up.

She told me she didn't have time to tidy up.

Not while she has to worry about that dragon guarding the fridge.

My wife shouted at me...

You're so useless! You never tidy up or help with the housework, you're lazy and stupid and I bet you don't even know how to keep a house tidy!

I decided to prove her wrong so I did the washing up, ha! You should have seen her face when I showed her I knew how to load the dishes into the tumble dryer...

Tidy joke, My wife shouted at me...

Why is the office that monitors the movement of Ocean water so immaculate?

Because it's Tidy work

Lesbian at the Gynecologist

"Everything's neat and tidy in there", said the gynecologist after the examination.

"So it should be", said the lesbian. "I have a woman in twice a week".

What do you call a gardener who cleans up a lot?

A tidy didy seed insidey!

What do you call an organized recluse

Neet and tidy

Tidy joke, What do you call an organized recluse

I always wave to my neighbors when vacuuming, and they always give me strange looks...

In all honesty, they're the weird ones, they don't have enough decency to make sure their lawns are tidy.

You know what they say about the communist girl with beautiful handwriting?

Leftie-Lucy Writey Tidy

Instead of actually tidying my room, I just shoved everything under my bed. My house-mate suggested hiring a cleaner.

"I'll sleep on it."

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