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My girlfriend told me I suffer from delusions of grandeur

I was so shocked that I almost fell of my throne

What is the difference between a tennis ball and the Prince of Wales?

One is thrown in the air, and the other is heir to the throne.

How does the queen bee get around the hive?

She's throne.

Throne joke, How does the queen bee get around the hive?

What do a prince and a football have in common?

One's heir to the throne, the other's thrown to the air.


Why did prince Oxygen inherit the throne after the king died?

Because he was the rightful heir

What does the British monarch do on the throne?

The Royal Wee.

How does a queen get around her kingdom?

She gets throne.

Throne joke, How does a queen get around her kingdom?

What do you call it when a king rips a fart?..

Air to the throne.

What do you call the prince of the airbenders?

The air to the throne.

What do you call someone waiting right outside the bathroom?

Next in line for the throne

My friend and I took a dump on the same toilet at the same time.

It's always good to kill two turds with one throne.

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What happens to deposed kings?

They get throne away.

Why did the king of electric motors that-are-on-but-have-no-load abdicate his throne?

He had very little real power.

I just read a post about Queen Elizabeth II, and something struck me as odd...

After spending 65 years on the throne, I suppose she's the most constipated ruler ever.

I bought my toddler a plastic "Iron Throne".

I paid the Fisher-Price.

Did you hear about the horribly inbred Prince?

He was an error to the throne

Throne joke, Did you hear about the horribly inbred Prince?

So there was a tribal chief who decided he needed the biggest hut in the village...

so he gathered the grass he needed and built the only two story hut in the village. He placed his throne on the second story and held audiences there. One night while he slept the throne fell through the floor and crushed his head. The moral of this story is that people who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.

How did the Prince end up getting Homeless?

He was throne out.

How did the pancake become the king?

He u-syruped the throne.

Sir Dimalot strode into the throne room and bowed before the king.

"Your majesty," he said, "I have been robbing and pillaging on your behalf all day, burning the villages of your enemies in the north."

The king looked perplexed. "But I do not have any enemies in the north."

"Ah," replied the knight, realising his mistake. "I fear you do now."

What do you call a suffocating king?

No heir to the throne

The king abdicated the throne, but he would like to rule sometime later...

So he took a reign check

Bathroom Poetry

This little throne I call my own

I aim to keep it neat

So drain your soul, pee down the hole

And not upon the seat

Critics are comparing Aquaman to Black Panther

At first glance, the movies do appear similar. They both feature ancient sci-fi utopias hidden from the rest of the world. In each movie, theres a fight for the throne in order to stop a war. However, they are ignoring one major difference: the characters in Aquaman can swim.

Did you hear about the medieval kinghunter?

He excelled in throne weapons

You know, if all little girls got what they want,

The British throne would be up for a LOT of contention

What's the difference between a prince and a booger?

A prince is the heir the throne, a booger is thrown to the air.

Where did the king of rock and roll die?

On the porcelain throne.

Everyone was devastated after finding Elvis dead on his toilet

But every King deserves a throne

I feel bad for Queen in one thing

She can't even go to bathroom alone. There are always people in line for throne.

4 people fighting to sit on the Throne.

There's blood, there's guts, there's nudity.

Gonna have to face the facts.

I'm a terrible cook.

What do you call a guy who always refuses to give up his long reading sessions on the morning throne?

A Poo'er Aeternus

What do you call a prince rabbit?

The "hare" to the throne

Women complain about men sitting on the toilet too long.

What kind of king doesn't sit on his throne?

P.s. sorry if this is unoriginal. It sounds too good to not be taken.

Why did Henry VIII call an AC repairman?

He wanted air to the throne.

People in glass houses...

A pacific island tribal king was infamous for conquering surrounding islands and stealing the defeated king's throne, and then stowing it, like a trophy, in the attic of his grass hut.

One day when sitting on his throne in said grass hut, the ceiling collapses under the weight of his trophies and the king is killed.

Which goes to prove that people in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.

The king's guard bursts into the throne room...

Out of breath and in a panic they alert the king
> Sire, the peasants, they're revolting!

The king nods and responds:
>Mmm yes, they are quite disgusting aren't they

Oedipus wants to learn of his fate.

He travels to Thebes to consult the blind prophet Tiresias and asks him, "What does my future hold?"

Tiresias thinks quietly for a time and answers, "First you'll murder your father."

Oedipus is shocked to hear that he'll become a killer, but there must be more to his fate.

He asks, "What happens next?"

"Then you'll take his throne."

Oedipus is pleased to hear that he'll become king, but there must be more to his fate.

"And what happens next?"

"Then you'll sleep with Joe."

Oedipus is confused.

"Who's Joe?"

So the queen has been on the throne for 70 years.

That's some serious shit.

What do you call a king's rabbit?

The hare to the throne

I learned today that 40k people a year get injured by their toilet..

It's the danger throne

There used to be a pharaoh who wouldn't let people into his throne room until they farted

His name was toot and come in

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