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A farmer has three bulls, One small, one medium, and one large.

The large one looks over the herd of cows and says, "Half these cows are mine!" The medium-sized bull then says, "A third of these cows are mine!" And the small bull, looking crestfallen, says, "Well, the rest of these cows are mine!"

The farmer comes home one day with a simply enormous bull, one that towers over the original three. The largest one says, "Whoa... I guess I'll give him half my cows." The medium-sized one, with fear in his eyes, says, "He can have two-thirds of my cows." But the littlest bull paws at the ground, snorting and stomping, tossing his horns. The other two tell him, "Are you crazy? That new bull will crush you!"

The littlest bull replies, "I just want to make sure he knows I'm a bull."

Three Bulls

Three bulls are out in a field one day, chewing on some cud.

The first bull, the largest, says "I heard there's a new bull coming in."

The second bull, not quite as large, says " I heard the same thing!"

The third bull, smaller by quite a bit, says "Me too!"

The first bull speaks up again and says "Well, he's not getting any of my cows." The second bull says the same thing and the third bull says "I only have two."

Just then, the old farmer's truck comes rumbling down the road. It stops and out pops the BIGGEST, BADDEST, STRONGEST BULL any of them had ever seen.

Mid chew, the first bull says " I guess I can spare one or two." The second bull says "Me too." But the third bull, the smallest of the three, starts to paw at the ground, and toss his horns in the air and starts flaring his nostrils.

The second bull asks "You're not going to fight him, are you?"

And he says "No! I making sure he knows I'm a bull!"

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