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I match with a lot of depressed girls on Tinder

All I have are negative thots.

So a man went up to a rather contemplative looking pimp...

... and asked "A penny for your thots?"

What do you call an emo strip club?

Suicidal Thots

Thots joke, What do you call an emo strip club?

What did the pimp say to his friend who lost the business?

"Don't worry, it's gonna be alright. My thots are with you"

Hear about the pimp who wanted to do his part to support the victims of a disaster?

He sent THOTs and prayers.

There was a shooting at my local brothel and everyone was killed but the owner.

He's asking for Thots and Players.

What do you call slutty girls from Idaho?

Tater thots

Thots joke, What do you call slutty girls from Idaho?

Why did the pimp call a meeting of his girls when he felt unsure about himself?

He had to gather his thots.

What did the poor man ask the pimp?

Penny for your thots?

What do you say to a cheap pimp when he won't tell you what you need to hear?

"Penny for your thots?"

[NSFW] Did I ever tell you guys about my idea for a line of sex toys marketed towards sleazy women?

I'm calling it "Toys for Thots."

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When my girlfriend found out about my side chick, she asked how I felt about our relationship.

I told her I'm having second thots

What does Twitch TV send when someone dies?

Thots and players

At first I thought one side chick was enough

But now I'm having second thots.

What do mass shootings and Catholic high schools have in common?

THOTs and prayers

High school is like a brain

You have some knowledges tossed in there, but it's mainly full of thots

Thots joke, High school is like a brain

I started a charity that raises funds for disaster relief via sex-work...

I call it: Thots and Prayers

Instagram is a religious experience for people with a lisp

Full of thots and playas.

feel bad for Khloe tho

thots and prayers

What did the depressed pimp want for his birthday?

to be alone with his thots

What happens when a pimp has an anxiety attack?

He gets uncontrollable thots.

Why does Mike Tyson hate Charles Town?

Because of their racists and thots.

What did the stingy old miser say to the pimp?

Penny for your thots?

What spell does a Bard use at the tavern?

Detect Thots

What do you call a group of thots?

An idea.

What did the NRA say about the shooting in the club last night?

Thots and Players

Why did the Pimp go broke?

He kept getting a penny for his thots.

What did the client ask the conflicted, silent pimp?

Penny for your thots?

What do Thots eat for Thanksgiving?


Lion-o can spot thots well.

*Points and yells "Hoooooooooo!"

What do a schizophrenic and a soft-spoken pimp have in common?

They both struggle to keep their thots in check.

What did the pimp say before leaving the party?

Gimme a minute to collect my thots.

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