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Why was Civil Disobedience such a good essay?

Thoreau editing.

Why couldn't Henry David Thoreau leave his house?

He was Walden.

What do you call a cushion with transcendentalist views?

A Thoreau pillow.

Thoreau joke, What do you call a cushion with transcendentalist views?

What do you call a meticulous philosopher?


How do you get across Walden Pond?

Thoreau, Thoreau, Thoreau your boat.

After I read Walden I spent three years living in the woods.

I just wanted to be Thoreau.

Henry David! Why are you taking so long organizing your notes?

I just want to be Thoreau.

Thoreau joke, Henry David! Why are you taking so long organizing your notes?

That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest. -Henry David Thoreau


Why did 'Civil Disobedience' take so long to write?

The author was being Thoreau

How do you get a stone into Walden pond?

You Thoreau it in.

Every thursday I sit back and appreciate life

I sure do love Thoreau back thursdays.

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How well did Henry David Thoreau clean his house?


Henry went over his rough draft for weeks...

But he was just being Thoreau.

What do you call it when a transcendentalist author looks at old photos?

Thoreau Back Thursday

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