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  1. What's the difference between "Thomas the Tank Engine" and Princess Diana? Thomas made it through the tunnel
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine is unsure of his sexuality. He now prefers to be called Trains-gender.
  3. Did you hear they made a Lebanese character in Thomas the tank engine? His name is Hummus the tank engine.
  4. I have more in common with Thomas the train than most think For one thing, we're both stuck on rails!
    *Apparently I messed up on Thomas' correct title
    Yes Thomas the tank engine.

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Thomas Tank One Liners

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  1. How did Thomas the Tank become a faster steam engine? He trained.
  2. What do you call it when Thomas the Tank Engine beats his wife? Domestic Caboose.
  3. How do choo choo train go down many mountain? It go "TOOT" then thomas Tank gives tug
  4. Who's the most famous rapper in The Thomas the Tank Engine show? Two-Trains
  5. I went on Youtube to watch Thomas The Tank Engine Now it's just buffering.
  6. What does Thomas the Tank Engine use as a raising agent? Bicarbonate of Sodor.
  7. Which Thomas the Tank Engine character had most literary talent ? Mark Twain
  8. I find myself oddly attracted to Thomas the Tank Engine... I think I'm trainsexual.
  9. What does naughty Thomas the Tank Engine get for Christmas? A stocking full of toys.
  10. How does Thomas the Tank Engine drink beer? He c**... it.
  11. What was h**...'s favorite TV show as a kid? Thomas the tank engine

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I tried to sell my Thomas the Tank Engine train set at an antiques store today.

"You would have got more for it if the fat controller wasn't missing." Said the assistant.
"Yeah, you're probably right." I replied. "She's good at haggling."