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It's a five minute walk from my house to the pub.

It's a thirty five minute walk from the pub to my house.

The difference is staggering.

Two deer walk out of a gay bar

One turns and says to the other, "I can't believe I just blew thirty bucks in there."

A Jewish boy approaches his father and asks if he could have $50...

A Jewish boy approaches his father and asks if he could have fifty dollars.

The Jewish father replies, "forty dollars?! What do you need thirty dollars for?"

Thirty joke, A Jewish boy approaches his father and asks if he could have $50...

I went to a party with my girlfriend.

I got quite upset because everyone called me a pedo because I was thirty and she was twenty. So finally,I said "That's it baby, we're leaving. I'm not going to let them ruin our tenth anniversary."

A Jewish boy

asks his father "Can I have thirty dollars?"

His father replies "Twenty dollars? What do you need ten dollars for?"

My wife isn't speaking to me.

A man walks into a bar,looking all bummed out, and orders a drink. After a few minutes he orders another. About thirty minutes later he orders a few more drinks.
The bartenders asks," Dude you look really depressed. Is everything okay?"
The man explains," My wife and I got into big fight. She says she won't speak to me for 31 days."
The bartender asks," Well isn' t that a good thing."
The man replies," Sadly, tonight's the last night."

Jewish kid asks his father for $50 ...

His father replies: "Forty dollars?! What do you need thirty dollars for?!"

Thirty joke, Jewish kid asks his father for $50 ...

Jewish father and son

A Jewish boy went to his dad and asked for fifty dollars.

His father said, "Forty dollars!? What do you need thirty dollars for?!"

LPT: How to pick up girls

Try this:

1. Acquire several dozen limes.
1. Go up to them and then drop all the limes.
1. Start picking them up, but keep dropping them. The clumsier you look the better.
1. Keep doing this until you have their attention (this could take up to thirty minutes).
1. Finally gather up the limes. Try looking a bit sheepish.
1. Look them deeply in the eyes and say, "Sorry, I'm bad at Pickup Limes."

A Jewish kid asks his dad for money...

The kid says to his dad, "Dad, I need to borrow fifty dollars."

His dad replies, "Forty dollars! What do you wanna borrow thirty dollars for?!?!"

A Jewish kid goes up to his dad...

Son: "Hey papa?"

Father: "Yes, ma' boy?"

Son: "I met this beautiful girl at temple today. I want to take her out. Can I borrow fifty bucks?

Father: "Forty bucks? What the heck are you gonna do with thirty bucks? Do I look like I have twenty bucks heres fifteen now take ten and bring me back five."

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A Jewish boy asked his father to borrow fifty dollars...

"Forty dollars?! What do you need thirty dollars for?!"

Fool me once...

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thirty five thousand six hundred times, shame on the weatherman.

A Jewish son asks his father for fifty dollars..

The father responds, "forty dollars? What do you need thirty dollars for?"

A Jewish kid wants to go to the mall...

and asks his dad for forty dollars.

"Thirty dollars?" he replies. "What do you need twenty dollars for?"

A Jewish boy walks up to his father and says "Papa, I need fifty dollars."

The father says "forty dollars?! I don't have thirty dollars! What do you need twenty dollars for? Here's ten dollars." He hands the boy a five and says "split it with your brothers...and bring back the change."

Thirty joke, A Jewish boy walks up to his father and says "Papa, I need fifty dollars."

A Jewish boy walks up to his father and says, "Dad, can I have fifty dollars?"

The father looks at him and says, "Forty dollars? What do you need thirty dollars for?"

There are thirty cows and twenty eight chickens. How many didn't?

Ten of them.

Four years ago, I asked the most beautiful girl in the world out on a date.

Thirty minutes ago, I asked her to marry me. Both times she said no.

I saw my local theatre advertising a night of XXX Roman plays...

I thought "ooo, sounds sexy," so I went along, but was disappointed.

It turned out to just be thirty plays.

What's the difference between a shooting range and an American college?

About thirty thousand dollars a year.

A Frenchman, a Jew and a Polack

A Frenchman, a Jew and a Polack are each sentenced to thirty years in prison. Each man is given one request that will be honored by the jail warden.

A woman, asks the Frenchman.

A telephone, says the Jew.

A cigarette, says the Polack.

Thirty years later the Frenchman walks out with the woman and ten kids.

The Jew strolls out carrying a ten thousand dollar commission he has made during the time.

The Polack walks out and says, Has anyone got a match?

My girlfriend told me I'm her 32nd lover

Turns out what she really meant was I'm her thirty second lover

Son asks Jewish dad for money

Son: Dad, can you give me fifty dollars?

Dad: Fourty dollars? Why do you need thirty dollars? Here, take twenty and split it with your sister.

I gave my girlfriend a birthday celebration that lasted only half a minute

After all, it was her thirty second birthday.

Birthday Party

My friend's college mentor told her this story:

"So, my friend turned 32 last week, and we wanted to do something for his birthday so we put together a really quick party, only about half a minute long, and when the party ended, he was really confused and asked about the length of the party."

It was his thirty second birthday.

Why did the Irish man only eat two hundred and thirty nine beans?

If he ate one more, it would be too farty!

A Jewish kid goes to his dad and says, "Dad, I need to borrow fifty bucks".

The dad says, "Forty bucks? I don't have thirty bucks, what do you need twenty bucks for?"

What's the Tooth Fairy's favorite time?

Two thirty

My dad sat me down and told me I was adopted...

"Pack your bag", he said. "They'll be here in thirty minutes."

I stopped my car beside a prostitute last night.

As she got in I asked, *"How much for a blow job?"*

She said, *"Thirty dollars."*

I said, *"Can you do twenty?"*

*"Yeah, okay"*, she replied.

I said, *"Great, here's $600 then."*

I was waiting at the bus stop.

A woman said, "How long will the next one be?"

I said, "Probably about thirty feet."

I just won the local Ironman competition.

41 shirts in thirty minutes!!

A Jewish kid asks his dad for $50

His dad narrows his eyes and says "Forty dollars? What do you need thirty dollars for?"

I really love playing chess with elderly people in the park.

It's just really hard to find thirty two of them willing to do it .

A man was telling his neighbor, I just bought a new hearing aid

It cost me $5,000 but it is state of the art. It's perfect.
Really, answered the neighbor. What kind is it?
Twelve thirty.

The time of year has finally arrived when the degrees outside are like shots of whiskey. . .

. . .I need about thirty more to be comfortable.

Did anybody else hear about the psychic midget who killed like, thirty hookers?

Police are looking for a small medium at large

My girlfriend nicknamed me the "Microwave Meal"

Thirty seconds on full power and I'm finished.

After being married for thirty ones years and having three children, I can safely say...


Why is three times ten same as two times sixteen?

Because three times ten is thirty,

And two times sixteen is thirty, too.

Why do the Irish only put two hundred and thirty nine beans in their chili?

Because if they added just one more bean, it would be too farty!

My girlfriend is currently 2 years older than me. But in a few years I'll be the same age as her...

Because I'll be thirty and she'll be thirty, too.

I'm turning 32 in a few months and I'm kinda depressed about it. I only get to celebrate my birthday for half a minute....

It's my thirty second birthday...

A man with terminal cancer robbed a bank and was sent to prison.

A fellow inmate asked him, "Why did you commit this crime? You can't take money with you into the afterlife, and now you're going to spend your last days in prison!"

The man replied, "I knew I was going to get caught. That's the point! My doctor gave me six months, but the judge gave me thirty years."

Today my son threw a quarter in the well at the mall and said "I wish my dad was dead." And because of his attitide we went home without buying anything.

When we got to our house we saw an ambulance and the coroner at Jim's house, apparently he had a freak heart attack about thirty minutes before hand, it was odd because he was a personal trainer and in great shape, my wife seemed real upset by his passing. Though it was strange because I've never even seen them speak to eachother.

They say the camera adds ten pounds

But after meeting a few girls online I'm convinced it takes away at least thirty

I happened to be in court when I noticed a wrinkled old lady with grey hair sat up high...

I asked her, "You mind if I ask how old you are?"

She shouted back, "Thirty, love!"

I thought she was just messing with me so I replied, "No, really, how old are you?"

She yelled at me, "Forty, love!"

I realised then I should get back to my tennis match.

What time is Thor on in the cinema?

Thor Thirty

"I knew Michael Jackson for thirty years and I never saw him do anything to a child"

I've known my best friend for even longer and he's never seen me masturbating.

What's your point?

A blonde, brunette, and a red-head go to heaven

They meet St. Peter at a staircase with 100 stairs

St. Peter says, "To get to the gates, you need to climb the stairs, but on each stair is a joke or a riddle. If you laugh, you have to start over."

The red-head goes first. She gets to the first step and laughs.

The brunette goes next. She gets to the thirty second step, then laughs.

The blonde goes last. She got to the final step, and laughed.

St. Peter asks, "You were so close. Why did you laugh?"

The blonde replies, "I finally got the joke from the first step."

A man was telling his neighbor, "I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but its state of the art.

Really," answered the neighbour. "What kind is it?"

"Twelve thirty."

A policeman is trying to pull a car over

He follows the car for miles with the lights and siren before the driver finally pulls over.
"What the hell were you thinking?!", asks the cop.
"Well", says the man, "thirty years ago my wife ran off with a cop and I thought you might be trying to give her back!"

An old man was telling stories to his grandchildren about his hunting days.

"When I was thirty years old," he said, "I was out hunting in India, when a 13-foot tiger jumped out from behind a tree and roared at me. ROAR! I just soiled myself."

"I don't blame you," said one of the grandchildren. "If such an enormous tiger roared at me like that, I too would have soiled myself."

"Not then," replied the old man. "Just now when I said ROAR!"

How can you tell whether or not someone vapes?

Wait thirty seconds.

My dad showed me a thirty minute PowerPoint on why one should always wear a condom

It was just pictures of me

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