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Why is René Descartes considered a thinker?

Because he is.

My father in law just told me this joke

"Well, you know what they say about balding. If you go bald in the front, you're a good thinker. If you go bald in the back, you're a good lover. If you go bald everywhere, you think you're a good lover."

So two penguins are in the middle of a desert

and they're sitting in a canoe just paddling away, as hard as they can, not going anywhere, sand is flying everywhere, and they just keep paddling. eventually one penguin looks to the other and says "Where's your paddle" the other replies "Sure does."

Its usually a thinker for most, but i love it

Hear the one about the lego that was biding its time? Its a thinker.

Wait. Mental block.

Job Interview

At a job interview: "What are your strengths ?"

"I'm an optimist and a positive thinker."

"Can you give me an example ?"

"Yes, when do I start ?"

Fast Thinker

Guy's first time parachuting... yada yada chute fails, reserve fails. He's falling. But he sees a speck coming up toward him, faster than he's falling. He realizes it's a guy and figuring he has nothing to lose, he yells,
"Hey do you know anything about parachutes?"
and as they pass the other guy yells back,
"Sorry man, I don't . Do you know anything about propane BBQs?"

A deep thinker walks into a bar

The bartender says "we don't serve 14 year olds"

Abraham Lincoln was a great thinker

I wonder what the last thing to go through his head was...

I've been getting told a lot lately that I'm too negative of a thinker

Should really stop talking to my self

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