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I couldn't find the thingy that peels potatoes and carrots, so I asked my kids if they'd seen it...

Apparently, she left me two days ago...

I couldn't find the thingy that peels the potatoes and the carrots, so I asked the kids...

Apparently she left me two days ago.

My Dad and I were talking this morning about my brother's newborn baby...

Dad: I think the nurse will take out the plastic thingy from the baby's arm today.

Me: IV?

Dad: I think her name is Brenda, actually.

Thingy joke, My Dad and I were talking this morning about my brother's newborn baby...

Doctor, it hurts...

Says the patient with so much pain.

Patient: It hurts when I touch my head.
Doctor: \*Takes a look at the head\*, \*Does MRI\* Well, what else?

Patient: It hurts when I touch my shoulders.

Doctor: \*Takes shoulder x-ray\* Hmmm, is there anything else?

Patient: It hurts when I touch my knees too.

Doctor: \*Does that hammer thingy\* I see. I can conclude now.

Patient: What is it?

Doctor: Your finger is broken.

Couldnt find it

I couldn't find the thingy you use to peel the carrots and potatoes anywhere, so I asked the kids if they had seen it.

Apparently she left me yesterday.

"Mommy, mommy! Little Johnny pulled out his thingy and showed it to me in the tree house!"

Sally's mother gasped, but didn't want to embarrass her. "Well, what did you think?" she asked.

"It reminded me of a peanut."

"You mean it was small?" her mother chuckled.

"No!" said Sally. "It was salty!"

The blonde policewoman

A blonde policewoman pulls over a blonde for speeding. She asks the blonde, "Can I see your license please?" The blonde says "What's that?"

The policewoman says "Its a wee square thingy, it's got your picture on it."

The blonde rummages around in the glove box, and comes out with a compact mirror. "Is this it?" she says.

The policewoman looks at it and says "Yeah, that's it. Oh, sorry, if I'd known you were a policewoman, I wouldn't have stopped you."

Thingy joke, The blonde policewoman

Over Christmas dinner, I accidentally let it slip I'd lied about my degree in biology.

Me and my big face-hole thingy.

What do you call a jellyfish on a racing boat?

A stringy thingy in a dinghy.

I bought a great little trash can thingy for my car, and it's so convenient now my girlfriend wants one for her car too.

I told her I'll have to get her a car bin copy.

Old age and some talent.

"Orton": yo "Quinn" how do you "Pee" on this side when your thingy is on the other side

Quinn: Old age mostly and some talent. They call this OPQ syndrome.

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