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  1. Are fat people or thin people smarter? It depends--thin people are generally sharper, while fat people are more well-rounded.
  2. Why are Japanese people so thin? Because last time there was a fat man, 80,000 people died.
  3. Everybody's heard of Murphy's Law: "if something can go wrong, it will go wrong." However, few people know of Cole's Law... It's thinly sliced cabbage and mayonnaise.
  4. I stabbed twenty people in the supermarket line with thin needles. It's a new type of therapy I'm calling "aqueuepuncture".
  5. The problem with homeopathy... There are way too many homeopaths out there. It would be a more effective field of study if homeopaths were thinned out a little, say 1 per 10 million people.
  6. The problem with homeopathy is that there are too many homeopaths. It would be more effective if they were thinned out a bit, say one homeopath per ten trillion people...
  7. People who work at home improvement stores are great magicians Because just as you follow one around the corner, they somehow vanish right into thin air
  8. People who work at home improvement stores are the greatest at Hide-n-Seek Because just when you think you see them, you turn the corner and they vanish into thin air
  9. People used to ask me how I can eat so much and stay thin. Now they just ask how I can eat so much.
  10. How many black people does it to pave a driveway? One. You just have to spread him real thin.

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Thin People One Liners

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  1. People ask why my cat is made of iron and looks so thin It's because he's a Fe Line
  2. Did you know that people trying to loose weight eat pure grain? It's cause wheat thins
  3. Why are malay people so thin? Because they muslim.
  4. I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.

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I go to the Jim every morning

Are you thin? Are you overweight? Are you fighting the battle of the bulge? Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Are you plain lazy? Do you have someone or the other always telling you to go to the gym?
Here's something for you...
"Instead of calling my bathroom the John, I call it the Jim.
That way it sounds a lot better when I tell people I go to the Jim first thing every morning :-)"

During this period of the pandemic, a group of extraordinarily thin people came together to form a band.

It was a massive success. They were the best in their fields. The violin, oh so melodious! The synth on point everytime. The acoustics, superb.
One time they were offered to perform a virtual concert. All the tickets sold out.
But when the time came for them to perform, they couldn't connect to the internet.
They did not have enough bandwidth.

Guns don't belong in the hands of the teachers, they belong in the hands of the thin blue line

That's right, the hall monitors. It's time we enforce the **real** rules, people.

I used to live in a place with crazy thin walls.

I used to live in a place with super thin walls, which came with a lot of pros and cons
A big con was that at all times of day, you can hear people have n**..., carnal s**... right next to you through the wall.
A pro, however, was that was if you knocked on the wall, and asked very nicely, you get to join in the sideways hokey pokey.
This led to a LOT of crazy, s**... adventures.
All the crazy s**... gets tiring after a while though, so eventually, I had to move out.
And I gotta say, it was really weird having to leave my parents place.