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I'm not saying it's a mistake letting my girlfriend control the thermostat...

But two Hobbits just showed up and threw a ring into our bedroom.

The key to a successful relationship

Find someone who likes the same thermostat setting you do.

If you get a tattoo of a thermos,

Is it now a thermostat?

Thermostat joke, If you get a tattoo of a thermos,

A man goes to a housewarming party..

A man goes to a housewarming party

He turns up the thermostat then leaves.

My wife and I are playing the passive aggressive thermostat game...

She is currently winning 73 to 68

The mantra to a successful relationship

find someone who likes the same thermostat setting as you do.

Me and my wife have been arguing over the thermostat

It got pretty heated last night but it will soon cool off

Thermostat joke, Me and my wife have been arguing over the thermostat

Sitting at a table

Wife: Writes a number on a piece of paper and slides it across.
Me: Crosses out and writes a new number.

#thermostat negotiations

What do you call a painting of a heat insulating container on a dudes arm?

A Thermostat

Doctor "your dad's been in a coma for 9 days, we're running out of ideas" me: "let me try" [goes to adjust thermostat]

dad: [opens one eye] "You better not be turning that heating up!"

I was going to turn up my thermostat but I decided to put on my mixtape instead.

House is literally on fire. Help.

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