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  1. I have developed a truly marvellous demonstration of Fermat's last theorem ... which this post is too short to contain
  2. Because hippos are surprisingly dangerous, zoologists use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the length of their backs. This is called finding the hippotenuse.
  3. The Pythagorean Theorem, Newton's Third Law and Bernoulli's Principle walk into a bar. The bartender says, "I'm not going to get this joke aren't I?"
  4. What did the Math Teacher say to the fat kid who could not get in his seat? Squeeze yourself in with the Squeeze Theorem.
  5. I dont know much about the pythageroean theorem But a squared plus b squared equals this d squared
  6. Punthagorean Theorem A and B are pretty square, but get to the root of C and you'll find he's always high, p**... in use.

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  1. What do you need when you're constipated in math class? Squeeze Theorem
  2. My stats prof is so romantic... He keeps talking about his Bayes' Theorem
  3. What's your favorite Theorem? And other questions to get you rejected at bars
  4. What's Fermat's favorite topic in Mathematics aside from his theorem? Fermatation.
  5. Why don't triangles have an SSA Congruence Theorem? 'Cause that would be a**...-backwards.

Theorem joke, Why don't triangles have an SSA Congruence Theorem?

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It's finals week and the only question on the test is "what is 2+2?"

A philosophy major writes a long eloquent response but doesn't bother to actually answer the question.
A math major makes a formal proof that 2=2 and that addition is commutative before using the squeeze theorem to prove that 4≤2+2≤4.
An engineering major knows the answer is 4 but writes down 5 just to be safe.

Theorem joke, I dont know much about the pythageroean theorem