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So a man is walking a penguin down the street...

So a man is walking a penguin down the street on a lead. A policeman sees him and stops the man.

The policeman says, "what are you doing?! Take that penguin to the zoo!"

A week later, the policeman sees the man with the penguin again.

He says, "hey, I thought I told you to take that penguin to the zoo!"

The man replies: "I did! He loved it! We're going to the theme park tomorrow!"

I am on the case prep team in law school. Our new fact pattern is based on the Sandusky Trial. What do you think of my theme for trial?

Coach Toledo may have been head coach of the Cougars, but he was not interested in the cougars. Coach Toledo was interested in the cubs.

As I finished masturbating, I wondered why the "Cheers" theme song was in my head.

Then, I got to the line "and you're always glad you came"

Theme joke, As I finished masturbating, I wondered why the "Cheers" theme song was in my head.

A couple of jokes on the theme of "How I would like to die"

1) When I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his passengers

2) I want to leave this world as I entered it - kicking, screaming, and covered in somebody else's blood

Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are planning a costume party

and the theme is composers. Bruce tells the other stars, "I'll dress up as Mozart". Sylvester responds, "I'd be a great Beethoven". As the two are planning their costumes, Arnold checks the time and notices he's late for an appointment. As he hurries out the door, Bruce and Stallone ask "Hey, Arnold, who'll you dress up as? Arnold responds, as he walks out of the room, "I'll be Bach".

Looking for jokes about Boy Bands!!!

Hosting a sing-a-long drink-a-long and need some jokes with boy bands as a theme. Please help!

Continuing the apparent theme of incest jokes...

How do you circumcise a boy from Missouri?

You kick his sister in the chin.

Theme joke, Continuing the apparent theme of incest jokes...

A man on holiday in Ireland goes into a pub...

And it is awful;
the barman barely acknowledges him,
the beer is warm,
the food is cold,
nobody wants to talk to him
and there's not even any music going on.

Turned out it was one of those English theme pubs

The BBC are setting up a theme park and asked the public what BBC show concept they would most like to ride. The number one survey response was simply...

"Benedict Cumberbatch."

What do you call it when a story has a recurring train theme?

A Loco Motif

Fifty Shades of Grey.

I hear that when you go see Fifty Shades of Grey, some theaters, to go along with the theme of the film, will tie moviegoers to their chairs. It has been determined that the real reason for this is that it is the only way to get people to sit through the entire movie.

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What was the theme at Nixon's funeral?


I think they need to come out with an R rated Toy Story where the mom's sex toys all come to life too.

The theme song should still be "You got a friend in me".

When I was young, I grew up in a theme park..

The theme of the park was trailer.

What is the theme song for the KKK?

We gon be all white

LPT: Play the Game of Thrones theme tune before you have sex if there is a risk of being overheard.

Got me and my SO through the recent family stay overs during the festive season.

Theme joke, LPT: Play the Game of Thrones theme tune before you have sex if there is a risk of being overheard.

Sea World announced they're not going to breed Orcas in captivity anymore...

So now the only whales you'll see in a theme park are the American women

What's a blind person's least favorite theme park?


At a low security prison, members of the mafia have their own version of The Breakfast Club.

And their theme song is *Don't You (Fuggedaboutit)*

Did you hear the guy who wrote the Friends theme song committed suicide?

No one told him life was gonna be this way.

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say when he was invited to a classical musician theme Halloween party?

I'll be Bach.

What do you do if you miss your mother-in-law?


(Thanks Bob Dylan via Theme Time Radio Hour)

A man is invited to a costume party...

where the theme is to come as something or someone that represents your sex life. After thinking a little, he finally comes up with the perfect costume!

As he enters the party, the host comes up to ask him about his costume.

"I'm curious, how does Abraham Lincoln represent your sex life?"

"Easy," he replies. "My last four scores were seven years ago!"

Ukraine is opening a theme park in Chernobyl.

It's like Disneyland, except the 2 metre mouse is real.

What is Hitler's theme song?

Don't Jew Forget About Me.

What do you call a sitcom that takes place in a war zone?


*Plays Seinfeld theme with gunshots*

What's the best ride at a religious theme park?

The priest.

Charles Dickens was at his publisher's office.

CD: "I'm going to be honest with you, Howard. It's almost complete and I have most of the elements of the story figured out. Great characters, a terrific setting, some good conflict and a theme. But something's missing, and I can't figure out what it is"

Howard: "The plot, Dickens?"

The Chili's theme song from the late nineties would make a far better anthem for the 'Amber Alert'.

*sings* I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...

My neighbour hosted a party and the theme was The Matrix. My girlfriend got home when it was finished and said it was rubbish.

Looks like I dodged a bullet with that one.

I went to the theme park the other day; they were giving out free cocaine!

The lines were ridiculous.

I went to a theme park today, but I honestly thought it was a waste of money.

If I wanted to wait ages for a quick thrill, I'd go home to my wife.

Do you know what the gift theme is for the 27th anniversary of being married?


I was thinking about building a campground with a theme of aquatic life.

A vacation for sea lovers and campers alike, to all in-tents and porpoises.

I got kicked out of my aunt's funeral for singing a song...

It was the Pink Panther theme. Dead aunt, dead aunt, dead aunt dead aunt dead aunt...

I think the Rainforest Cafe takes the whole rainforest theme too far.

This one time I was sitting there eating my chicken tenders and they bulldozed 40% of the restaurant.

This guy said he was going to compose an atheist theme song ....

I suggested, "Don't START believing".

Some celebrities have their own theme songs

Ellen has I'm coming out, and Bill Cosby has I wanna be sedated

There was a huge uproar when the official theme song of the National Leukemia Foundation was announced

What's wrong with "Bad to the Bone"?

Q: What is the scariest Halloween decoration theme for 2018?

A: Saudi Arabian consulate

Theme song for those who enjoy rim jobs after eating spicy Mexican:

"Kiss You When It's Dangerous"

What do you do when you meet a fellow anime watcher appreciates the theme song of an anime you like?

Kill him, it's an opening.

What do you call a hacker's theme song?

A L33tmotif.

I heard that Stevn Hillburg died...

I guess it's time to change the theme song for Spongebob.


Whats the bukkake theme song?

"Come together, right now
Over me"

I went to the doctor because I've had the Pawn Stars theme stuck in my head for two weeks

He said he'd have to call in a buddy of his who was an expert on those sorts of things

(But seriously please help me I'm going insane)

I played bass on the original Scooby Doo theme song in 1969, then joined Metallica. AMA!

Fine, I didn't actually play the bass on the Scooby Doo theme song, or in any band, but I'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for you metaling kids!

I played Giorno's theme to my car.

It's now a Speedwagon.

I played bass on the original Scooby Doo theme song way back in 1969 and then went on to play with Metallica. AMA!

Fine, I didn't actually play the bass on the Scooby Doo theme song, or in any band for that matter, but I'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for you metaling kids!

I feel that Disney is taking the "Rainforest Cafe" theme a bit to seriously

I was just sitting there eating when they bulldozed half of the place down.

Having a Jamaican hairstyle theme at work tommorow.

Im dreading it.

I want to start a all brass quartet with a lumber theme.

I'll call it the tuba four.

Doc Brown goes for a new paint-job on his car, and decides to go that extra step and theme the vehicle after Star Wars

Whenever people see it they say, "Man, DeLorean!"

Batman party

Teenaged son: dad I want to have a Batman party with my friends

Dad: aren't you a bit old for a theme party ?

Teenaged son: no. The theme is, No Parents.

I just bought my first oakwood theme laptop and I'm so excited.

I'm having trouble logging in though.

I suggested that the call centre I work at should use the A-Team theme tune as their hold music and my boss agreed

I love it when a plan comes together

3 men went to a theme park

and walked up to a ride that said "magic slide". The 1st man read the sign and went down the slide yelling "gold!" Landed in a pit of gold. 2nd man read the sign, went down the slide yelling "silver!" Landed in a pot of silver. The 3rd man didn't bother reading the sign and just went down the slide yelling "wee!" Landed in a pot of wee.

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