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I only believe in 12.5% of everything the Bible says.

Which makes me an eighth theist.

I only believe in 12.5% of the Bible

I'm an eighth theist

Proof of God

Every atheist becomes a theist if you give them a little space

How can you tell the difference between a theist and an atheist?

Ask them to read GODISNOWHERE

An atheist walks into a bar that's full, and someone gets up and offers him a space. Why doesn't he take it?

Because then he'd be a theist.

What's the difference between a theist extremist and an atheist extremist?

One wants you to think like them, the other just wants you to think.

What's the difference between an atheist and a theist?

A theist leaves a little space for Jesus.

I'm a theist

I would be atheist, but I left a space for God.

If I believe in God 12.5% of the time

Does that make me an eighth theist?

I am a theist

God was not amused

One of my great-grandparents believed in God, but the other seven didn't

Which makes me an eighth theist

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