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Where do theatrical cats wear their gloves?

On their...

Dramatic Paws

In a theater

A man is stretched out on his back across four seats in a theater. The usher comes down and says, Mister, you will have to get out of those four seats. You are only entitled to one.

The man only grunts and does not move. The manager comes down and says to the man, Mister, you will have to get up. All you are entitled to is one seat. The man grunts and does not move.

Finally a policeman is called in. He walks down the aisle and says to the man who is still on the four seats, Get out of those seats!

The man grunts, and policeman says, Okay, wise guy, where are you from? The man moans and says, The balcony.

I once did a theater performance about writing puns....

It was a play on words

Thea joke, I once did a theater performance about writing puns....

A theater owner has a smudge on his sign

He climbs the ladder to clean it, but he is afraid of heights and soils himself, causing his underwear to stick to him uncomfortably. He now has two problems:





Marquee mark and the funky bunch

I'm so sorry

If my theater troupe and I perform on stage and use the dictionary as our script... it a play on words?

What do you do if the theater group starts getting really annoying?

Break their legs

What did the theatre critic's ghost say?


Thea joke, What did the theatre critic's ghost say?

What theatre plays Jewish movies?

The Cinegogue.

"The Theater must always be a safe and special place"

- Abe Lincoln

I am a theatrical alcoholic.

I'm addicted to boos.

Why was the theatre critic fired from the zoo?

Because he was too hippo critical.

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At the theaters Adults are ten dollars and Children are six dollars. . .

But I still prefer renting, because I can always give the kids back when I finish.

Theater staff: What's in your hand?

Me: An AK-47 and some hand grenades.

TS: No, the other one.

Me: oh it's just a bag of potato chips lol

TS: you ain't takin' the bag of chips inside.

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