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Margaret Thatcher takes the cabinet out for dinner

Margaret Thatcher takes the cabinet out for dinner. The waiter comes along and asks her what she will be eating tonight.

Margaret replies, 'I'll have the steak.'

The waiter then asks, 'What about the vegetables?'

To which Margaret says, 'They'll have the same as me.'

Gorbachev, Reagan, and Thatcher all meet God.

God says "I'll answer one question from each of you."

Reagan asks "How long will it be before the American people are happy, healthy, and living in prosperity?"

God replies "50 years."

Reagan starts to weep, and says "I won't live long enough to see it!"

Thatcher says "What about the British people? How long until they're all happy?"

God says "100 years."

Thatcher starts to weep as well, saying "I won't live long enough to see it!"

Gorbachev asks "What about the Soviet people?"

God starts to weep, and says "I won't live long enough to see it!"

When Thatcher ruled it was Thatcherism!

Does that mean we now have Mayhem?

My toddler refused to get her PJs on because she was watching The Iron Lady, a biopic about Margaret Thatcher, along with our family.

I said, "Looks like we have a minor strike on our hands."

(A triple ententre for the win.)

Why did Margaret Thatcher hate the Trade Unions?

Because they include u and i but not her.

First Thatcher dies, then Ferguson retires...

Somewhere there is a scouser with a lamp and one wish left.

/english humour

What do you call an old, dead, bloodsucking leech?

Margaret Thatcher

First Jimmy Saville, and now Margaret Thatcher...

It's been a good couple of months for miners.

So Thatcher is dead... Apparently they can't cremate her...

...this lady is not for Burning

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