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Top 10 of the Funniest Textile Jokes and Puns

India has decided to boycott Chinese products on all fronts to protest the latter's stand on disputed territories and their failure to inform India on the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Chinese textile mills are rolling out an all-new clothing line: "Boycott China" and are anticipating great demand from India.

Did you hear about the 120-year-old textile worker?

He dyed.

Did you hear about the fire at the flame retardant textile manufacturer?

Someone left the irony on...

What did the textile workers do after their shift?

Nothing, they just loomed around.

Textile Mill Heist

Earlier today police apprehended a criminal who had loaded an industrial-sized loom and 10 cubic meters of wool onto a truck in an attempted robbery of a local textile factory.

Police became suspicious of the truck when they noticed the driver weaving all over the road.

A textile worker tried to come up with a new original joke.

But they ran out of material.

Did you hear about the clown on the loose in the textile factory?

The manager was in stitches

My textiles teacher is not an early riser.

She loves lining.

What does a textile work say when he dyes clothes?


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