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  1. If there was one thing I had learned from Tetris, Is that my mistakes pile up until the point I cant do anything about them anymore
  2. Studying for finals is like playing Tetris just when you seem to get the facts to fit together, all that you thought you learned disappears.
  3. I heard they're making a Tetris movie... They can't get the script done. Every time they write a line, it disappears.
  4. Heard they are making the Tetris movie into a trilogy... They must think its going to be a real blockbuster.
  5. The inventor of Tetris died recently and the casket was buried vertically... And then the entire graveyard disappeared
  6. Writing the script for the Tetris movie must be hard, Every time they write a line, it disappears.
  7. The Tetris movie is finally coming out in 2023 after numerous delays. Every time they finished a line in the script, it disappeared.
  8. The script for the upcoming Tetris movie is terrible Each actor just says four lines and then disappears.
  9. Somebody says video games don't have any impact on your psyche. I can't agree with that. My Ex-girlfriend played Tetris a lot in her childhood.

    She's still waiting for a long stick.
  10. Bob Ross famously said that "we don't make mistakes, just happy accidents"... Clearly he never played Tetris.
Tetris joke, Bob Ross famously said that "we don't make mistakes, just happy accidents"...

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Tetris One Liners

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  1. I stepped on a rusty lego the other day... I'm worried I might have contracted Tetris.
  2. When they buried the man who invented Tetris ...the whole cemetery disappeared.
  3. [OC] Life is like a game of Tetris... When you fit in, you disappear
  4. Why is my Tetris highscore like my wife? I beat both of them for fun.
  5. When they buried the creator of Tetris... The whole cemetery disappeared
  6. If Tetris has taught me
  7. Why did the drill sergeant like playing tetris? He liked to order things into lines
  8. Have you heard about the new Tetris movie? It's supposed to be a real blockbuster.
  9. What happened to the cemetery after the inventor of Tetris was buried? It disappeared
  10. I opened Outlook Calendar at work today. It looked like a bad game of Tetris.
  11. Chuck Norris actually completed Tetris.
  12. While playing Tetris Chuck Norris is turning the squares.
  13. I played a game of tetris once. It was a very blocky situation.
  14. What do you call 5 people sitting In two rows? Tetris
  15. I hear they are making a Tetris movie It's gonna be a block buster

Playing Tetris Jokes

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  • They say people who play Tetris are more organised But it's false, they can't be organised.They're too busy playing Tetris.
Tetris joke, They say people who play Tetris are more organised

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Just announced, they are making a movie based on Tetris...

Apparently it was due to start filming this year but writing the script was taking longer than expected as every time they finished a line it would disappear.

I got rid of my NES today.

I was putting a a game in it, and the hinged door dropped down and bit me. Because of it, I had to get a Tetris shot.

A new movie based on the game Tetris is about to drop...

..so you better start lining up.
(two for the price of one!)

Tetris joke, A new movie based on the game Tetris is about to drop...

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