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Did you hear about the testicular cancer survivor who won the lottery?

...when he found out, the guy went nut.

The Testicular Cancer Clinic called me and said, Did you get our email? I said No .

They said, Maybe you should check your junk.

Did you ever get two pieces of shocking news at once?

I just found out my sister was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Testicular joke, Did you ever get two pieces of shocking news at once?

Doctor: Sir....

Patient: It's MA'AM. I identify as a female

Doctor: Okay Ma'am. You have testicular cancer.

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, "why the long face?"

To which the horse replies "I have testicular cancer".

The first testicular guard was used in Cricket...

The first testicular guard was used in Cricket in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974.

It took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important.

Last week a young boy saved a priests life in the United States...

... he discovered the priest had early stage testicular cancer...

Testicular joke, Last week a young boy saved a priests life in the United States...

At the doctor's office

Dr: Sir I have unfortunate n...

Patient: IT'S MA'AM!!!

Dr: Ma'am you have testicular cancer.

What's it called when a man gets his crotch kicked.

Testicular Manslaughter.

The first testicular guard, the "cup", was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974.

That means that it only took 100 years for men to figure out that their brain is also important.

Quit laughing.

I had always thought becoming sterile through testicular trauma was the same as having a vasectomy

Turns out, there's a vas deferens

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A little girl lives next to a fire house...

She admires the fire fighters so much she makes her own firetruck. It consists of her wagon, with the team of her cat in front with a string tied to his testicles, and her dog which lacks the testicular string, however has a harness and reins for her to lead him with. The firefighters see it, and have to ask why the string on the cat. She replies "I need a siren too."

The clinic where I had my recent testicular cancer exam called me and asked, Did you get our email? Rather alarmed, I exclaimed, No! What should I do!?" They replied...

You better check your junk.

When is a testicular tumor like a bingo ball?

when it's B-9

Testicular cancer joke?

Testicular Cancer Society: Hi there, did you receive our email?
Me: No... why?
Testicular Cancer Society: Maybe you should check your junk.

I am going to organize a dance/fundraiser for testicular cancer

So everyone please come to the "Ball Cancer Cancer Ball"!

Testicular joke, I am going to organize a dance/fundraiser for testicular cancer

How can you tell if Santa has testicular cancer? checking his sack.

[NSFW] So I'm getting a testicular exam, and he notices a lump.

I ask if it's something serious and he says to me "It seems like it, but you might want to have it checked by a professional."

PSA: You should all donate money to testicular cancer research.

It's a no-ball cause.

(But seriously you should)

Recently, I watched a movie where the protagonist died from testicular torsion

Didn't really expect that twist

I saw a sign that said Beat Testicular Cancer!

I thought to myself maybe "Beating" it, was the problem to start with.

Doctor: Sir


Trap: It's MA'AM!!!

Doctor: I'm sorry ma'am you have testicular cancer

I need two personal drivers because of my elephantitis.

I can't fit into a single car because of my testicular elephantitis.

The other driver is a great bloke but the other one drives me nuts.

A student asked for a makeup exam due to being hospitalized for testicular torsion.

Can you believe the balls on this guy?

Note: the setup to the punchline is real.

I have testicular cancer, my first thought:

Aw, nuts

Why is Santa's sack so big?

Testicular cancer

What body of water is full of testicular mites?

The Baltic Sea.

I had testicular cancer a few years ago. It was pretty tough, especially when they had to remove my left nut.

It's okay, I'm all right now

I once knew a guy who had testicular cancer

He's healty now; he beat it off.

What have testicular torsion and a day at universal adventures got in common?

You are probably going to end up having a ball.

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