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My girlfriend just emailed me


Does anyone know what "ternative" mean?

My girlfriend texted me "helpmyspacebarbrokecanyoucomeoverandgivemeanalternative"

Anybody know what "ternative" means?

A young lady from my office just sent me an email

saying "ithinktherearesomeproblemswithmykeyboardcanyoupleasegivemeanalternative"

Oh boy am I excited, but what does "ternative" mean?

My gf texted me "myspacebuttonisbrokenonmyphonecanyoupleasegivemeanalternative"

Do any of you know what "ternative" means?

My girlfriend just texted me "myspacebarisbrokencanyougivemeanalternative?"

Does anyone know what "ternative" means?

Some girl texted me the space button on her phone is broke

She texted "thespacebuttononmyphoneisbrokencanyoupleasegivemeanalternative" Can someone please tell me what ternative means.

My gf just sent me an SMS: "Spacekeydoesn'tworkcanyougivemeanalternative"

I am really excited but what the f**k does ternative mean?

My girlfriend sent me this email today: "Helpmyspacebarisbrokencanyougivemeanalternative?"

The hell's a ternative?

I was working in a phone store when I got a message from my girlfriend...

As I hurried home I couldn't help but wonder, what does ternative mean?

A young lady from my office sent me an email saying..

A young lady from my office sent me an email saying..

> "ithinktherearesomeproblemswithmykeyboardcanyoupleasegivemeanalternative"

Oh man. I'll tell you that got me excited, but what does "ternative" mean?

Girlfriends Email !!

Girlfriend's Email :


Boyfriend's Reply
What does *ternative* mean?

My girlfriend just text me "thespacebaronmyphoneisbrokencanyoupleasegivemeanalternative"

I'm trying to figure out what "ternative" means :/

A girl just texted me "myspacebuttonbrokecananyonegivemeanalternative"

Does anybody know what "ternative" means?

A text from my friend.

me: what is ternative?

My Girlfriend's space bar ia broken

She sent me a text saying:


Does anyone know what Ternative means??

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