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So a termite walks into a pub and says: " Is the bartender here?"

What did the termite eat for dinner?

A table for two.

What did the termite say to the chair?

What did the termite say to the chair?


It was nice knawing you.

Termite joke, What did the termite say to the chair?

Did you hear about the gay termite?

He ate the malebox

What did one termite say to another in a burning building?

"Barbecue tonight!"

Saw this one on the gas nozzle at my petrol station today...

*What did the Termite say when he walked into the bar?*

"Is the bar tender here?"

Have you heard the one about the gay termite?

He only eats mail boxes. (male boxes).

Hmm. Works way better when told out loud.

Termite joke, Have you heard the one about the gay termite?

A termite walks into a pub...

... and asks everyone "Is the bar tender here?"

"Yes!" they said.

So, the termite began eating.


This is one of my grandfather's favorite jokes, I will try to remember the rest of them and post them here.

A termite walks into a bar...

He waits and waits and nobody appears. He turns to a termite next to him and asks him, "Hey, is the bar tender here?". The second termite says, "Yeah. It's okay".

What do termites put on their toast?

Door jamb.

What do you call a religious termite in Hungary?


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Girl, are you a termite?

Because you're gonna get a mouthful of wood tonight

Two termites go on a date..

Waiter: what would you like to order sir?
Termite: Table for two.

A termite walks into a bar..

And says where is the bartender

A termite walks into a cocktail lounge...

and asks a customer, "Is the bartender here?"

A termite walks into a bar

And asks " Is the bartender here?"

Another termite looks up and says
"It's pretty tough at this end mate!"

Termite joke, A termite walks into a bar

What did a termite said to another?

All around me are familiar feces.

A horse, traveling salesman, atom, termite, and talking dog walked into a bar.

The bartender said "What is this, some kind of a joke?"

What did the toothless termite ask when he went to the pub?

"Is the bar tender here?"

Why is it so hard to train termites?

Because for a termite the stick IS the carrot

Why are termites so good at math?

They understand *logarithms*.

A joke my Grandmother told me today.

So a termite walks into a bar. He sits down on one of the stools and asks the man behind the counter Is the bar tender here?

A termite walks into a pub

and asks, "Is the bar tender here?"

What did the toothless termite said when he entered a bar ?

Is bar-tender in here ....😂

termites on a date

Termite 1: man I like wood

Two termites at a restaurant

We'll have a table for two please!

Two termites walk into a restaurant

Waitress asks:

-What would you like to order?

-A table for two.

What's the difference between a 19th-century American pioneer and a termite exterminator?

One passes through the good west and the other gasses through the wood pests.

What do termites and my girlfriend have in common?

They both like wood

A Termite Walks Into A Bar

"Is the bartender here?"

A toothless termite walks into a pub and says

Is the bartender here?

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