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Due to the recent cutbacks caused by the coronavirus Bruce was told he had to terminate one of his compliance managers.

Alice and Jack we're both exemplary employees and he honestly had no idea which one he would get rid of, but being an honest man he decided he'd speak to them both ahead of time thinking that it might help him make his decision. He called in Alice first and he said listen, I've either got to lay you or Jack off. Without batting an eye she responded "you better jack off, I have a terrible headache."

Abortion jokes are never funny.

So if you accidentally start forming one, you should terminate it before it comes to fruition.

A man in a coma is like a non-responsive Windows program

You can either wait for it to respond or terminate it.

How many brits are needed to change a light bulb

None they just terminate their apartment contract.

A CTO tells her programmers at work the same thing she tells her pregnant teenage daughter.

Just push it out and get feedback, or terminate the project.

CTO: chief technology officer.

Some of you may be dismayed by Ted Cruz's recent annoucements

But please remember that "pulling out" is the only acceptable way for a Christian to terminate a presidency

Why did the boy terminate the lease with his twin?

His twin was a bad womb-mate!

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