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Top 10 of the Funniest Tepee Jokes and Puns

A guy goes to see his doctor...

The doctor asks what's wrong.

The guy says "Two nights ago, I dreamed I was a wigwam. Then last night, I dreamed I was a tepee."

The doctor replies, "Oh, you just need to relax. You're too tense."

An Indian Chief drinks 1,000 gallons of ice tea

He drowned in his own tepee

A Native American child asks his father how they choose children's names.

Father - "After you are born, we open the tepee and the first thing we see is what we name you. Like your eldest brother, Soaring Eagle, your sister, Falling Leaves, and your little brother, Grizzly Cub. Why do you ask Two Dogs Humping?"

Did you hear what happened to the Native American who drank too much tea...?

They found him dead the next day in his tepee

A guy goes to a therapist. He asks the therapist over and over, "Am I a tepee or a wigwam? Am I a tepee or a wigwam? Tepee or a wigwam, tepee or a wig wam?!"

Therapist replies, "You're too tense."

Did you hear about the American Indian who died from drinking too much tea?

He drowned in his own tepee!

A guy walks into his therapist's office

visibly distraught, nervously shaking and exclaims "I'm a wigwam!" his head tweaks a little, eyes twitch and says "I'm a tepee". Another head twitch "I'm a wigwam!! I'm a tepee!" *twitch* "I'm a wigwam!" ... "I'm a tepee"!

The therapist grabs him firmly by the shoulders and says "Calm down! Calm down, you're too tense!"

Went to the psychiatrist because I was having bad dreams....

I told him I was having awful nightmares and he asked me to describe them.

"Well doc, the last week I dreamt I was a wigwam."

*Interesting, go on.*

"And this past Monday I dreamt I was a tepee."

*Oh, well I think it's quite obvious, you're too tents.*

I went to the Psychiatrist.

I went to the Psychiatrist, I said to him, one minute I am a wigwam, next I am a tepee, he said, you are too tense. (Two Tents)

A woman tells her psychologist, one day I feel like a tepee and the next day I feel like a wigwam....

Psychologist - you must be two tense.

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