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How many Tenors does it take to screw in a Lightbulb?

Trick Question. They only think they can reach that high.

After My Music Lesson, My Teacher Said I Should Be Tenor

Tenor twelve feet away from her.

A tenor dies mid performance ...

friends and family say - its ok, he always wanted to go on a high note.

Tenor joke, A tenor dies mid performance ...

A percussionist tells his fellow percussionists some puns

His group laughs at every pun he makes. He asks a friend:

Hey, are my puns a tenor what?

Why did the pirate become a tenor?

Because he has a lot of experience on the high C.

What do you call a tenor with erectile problems?

Flacido Domingo.

Pavarotti knocks on the pearly gates St. Peter opens them and says "Oh it's you Luciano - come on in!".

Pavarotti says "Hold on, I've got an envelope for you from the Pope." St. Peter opens it up and reads it "HERE'S THAT TENOR I OWE YOU".

Tenor joke, Pavarotti knocks on the pearly gates St. Peter opens them and says "Oh it's you Luciano - come on in

My wife's voice always gets deeper after sex

She looks at herself in the mirror and thinks she's an eight but really she's a tenor.

A boy was singing one day

His dad said" hey, that's pretty good, can you sing tenor? Ten or eleven miles away from me"

Crossword help please:

9 Across: Pavarotti gets Angry. (5,5)

Sorry my mistake, that's Tenor Cross.

My friend was looking for a new tenor for her choir.

Popped out to an ATM to get her just what she needed.

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