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Man and his wife join a weight loss club. They're told to try and lose at least 2 pounds by the next week.

When they return after a week the mentor asks them how much they lost.

The wife begins, "I lost 10 pounds".

"That's amazing! Well done, and you?" He says, pointing at the husband.

"Well, I actually gained 10 pounds", the husband responds.

"Oh, that's no good at all. How did that happen?" asks the mentor.

"I bet my wife a tenner she wouldn't lose any weight this week".

The government say they're going to tackle gambling addiction.

Bet you a tenner they don't.

What do you pay a British saxophonist?

A tenner.

Tenner joke, What do you pay a British saxophonist?

My dad is a bitcoin trader

I asked, "Dad, could you lend me a tenner please?"

Dad - "£9.42? What do you need £11.63 for?

My British friend asked me if I can spot him a tenner.

I replied, Of course I can, we're at the opera!

Cheer yourself up at the next funeral by hiding a tenner in your suit today

actually worked for me

Why do Opera singers like strumpets (prostitutes)?

Because they'll do anything for a tenner.

Tenner joke, Why do Opera singers like strumpets (prostitutes)?

I'm fed up hearing about people mugging O.A.P's for a couple of pounds.

Pensioners should be made to carry a tenner at least.

I bought two tickets for £20 the other day. Guess what for?

A tenner each.

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