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I used to clean the toilets when I was in the army

They called me loo tenant

The new tenants

Landlord: How are the new tenants above you.

Renter: They are ok. But it sounds like they are bang on the floor every night at 1 in the morning.

Landlord: That is outrageous. I will talk to them at once.

Renter: No. It is really not that big of a deal. I am usually up then practising my trumpet.

What do you call a Vietnam war hero with a new apartment?

New tenant Dan

The tenants said the house was haunted.

You'd think I would've noticed after 200 years.

My landlady said she is evicting the tenant with the worst posture ...

I have a hunch , it's me

I once shared renting a property with a man from the army...

...I took the right half, and he was the left tenant.

The White House has become low income housing and it's main tenant is a broke, deadbeat

There goes the neighborhood!

A Soldier I was renting a house to did a runner

And owes me 6 months rent. He said he was a General but I've since discovered he is a Left Tenant.

Whats the difference between your tweaker neighbor and your grandma's favorite singer?

One's a bony tenant and one's a Tony Bennett.

Why did the sailor get a promotion when he went to the restroom?

Because he became a loo tenant.

Why did the soldier salute the occupied restroom?

There was a loo tenant inside.

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My roommate told me she got tenant insurance. I said, "why'd you do that?...

...We only have 7 ants."

My Israeli tenant doesn't want to rent from me anymore

He's annoyed that I address all correspondence to 'The Occupier'

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