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What temperature do you bake two pies?

360 degrees

What is the temperature of the average coffin?

6 Below

does anyone think the temple is hypnotic?

And is that intentional?

Temp joke, does anyone think the temple is hypnotic?

I have a temperature of -273.15°C

Don't worry. I'm 0K

My friend got a job at a temp agency, getting a job giving people jobs

So he's basically a prostitute

went to a temporary tatoo parlor

it wouldn't wash off so I went back to complain but the shop was gone.

Surgeon's joke.

There used to be a rule that in order to get into anesthesia, applicants had to have an IQ greater than their body temp. For a while they couldn't get any new anesthesia trainees because nobody would pass.

Then they decided to switch from farenheit to celsius, and now there's a lot of them.

Temp joke, Surgeon's joke.

Where was Soloman's temple located?

On the side of his head.

I guess some things will never change...

I hired a temp while my secretary was on maternity leave.
Trying to arrive at an agreeable wage, I asked what she expected to earn.
She said, "Well... the minimum I could work for is $400 a week.
"I told her I'd give her that much with pleasure. She shook her head and replied,
"With pleasure, it'll be $600 a week."

What's the temperate inside of a ton-ton?

What's the temperature inside of a ton-ton?


A: Took my temperature today.

B: Oh really?
A: No, rectally.

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I am for temperance...

... but I don't exaggerate it.

What do Tempurpedic mattresses and raptors have in common?

"They remember"

My body's a tempel

But only because it hates Palestine

A tempting offer

I was tempted by an offer which read, Sausage Biscuits 2 for $1.00".
"How much is it for one? I asked.
"75 cents , she replied.
"Ok, I'll have the other one".

A temple for atheists...

Is a "nonprophet" organisation.

Temp joke, A temple for atheists...

What temperature is best for helping babies grow?

Womb temperature.

How do you take the temperature of a gorilla ?

With great caution.

The nurse sauntered in with the thermometer...

She was here to temp me.

What do you use to take a cow's temperature?

A thermoometer.

How do you take a lion's temperature?


What is the temperature of the inside of a Taun-Taun?

Luke warm.

What is the temperature of a tauntaun?

What temperature are babies cooked in?

Womb temperature

I was really tempted to say mean things about an obese animal

But I decided not to because that would be hippo-critical.

No wonder the devil has so much wealth to temp people with...

He's been laundering money in an off-sheol account.

What's the temperature of a light saber?

Warm Warm

Why did Freddy Mercury stay home from school?

He had a temp of 200 degrees Farenheit.

I once had a temp job at a prune processing plant

It was a plumb assignment

The temperature is so cold outside...

that if you make your girlfriend wet, you also make her hard.

What happens when the temperature drops during a torrential rain?

The weather goes straight to hail.

Sorry about the temperature down the mine today

It's coal man

What temperature do you bake 2pi?

360 degrees.

Trigonometric joke I created myself

What temperature does a caterpillar like?

Worm Temperature

A coworker of mine, Celsuis recently retired. The company hired a guy named Kelvin to replace him.

He's the new temp!

A coworker named Celsius recently retired at my work, so they hired a guy named Kelvin to replace him.

He's the new temp.

What's the temperature in a taun taun?


Credit to my friend James for that.

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