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How do fortune tellers greet each other?

You're good, how am I?

A man runs into a bank, pulls out a gun and robs the teller. He then turns the gun on the on the first man standing in the tellers line and asks, "Did you see me rob this bank?"

The man stammered, "Yes."

Bang!  The robber shoots him.

He then turns the gun on the married couple next in line, points the gun at the husband and demands, "Did you see me rob this bank?"
The husband quickly responds, "No....but my wife did!"

What size clothes do fortune tellers wear?


Tellers joke, What size clothes do fortune tellers wear?

All of the fortune tellers I've met are either really depressing or overly enhusiastic.

Why can't I find a happy medium?

why can't a bank keep a secret?

because there are too many tellers.

Why can't fortune tellers have children

They have glass balls

Why are dragons such good story tellers?

Because they have long tails

Tellers joke, Why are dragons such good story tellers?

2 fortune tellers are talking about the weather.

The first one says it's going to be a hot winter. The second one replies "Yes, reminds me of the summer of 2093."

Where do bad dad joke tellers get sent?

To the punitentiary.

Due to lack of protective measures during the pandemic, retail cashiers and bank tellers are refusing to go to work

It's a counter strike

What do you call a community of fortune tellers who work for free?

A non-prophet organization

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Why are atoms bad story tellers?

Even though they are great at making things up, they always ending up Bohring me to death

Where do fortune tellers buy their clothes?


There are two types of joke tellers in this world. Those who take the time to craft a witty punchline...

Bank employees

...are called "tellers". Remember that before you whisper secrets to them.

I recently began selling faulty jetpacks to fortune tellers.

Prophets are flying through the roof.

Tellers joke, I recently began selling faulty jetpacks to fortune tellers.

Why are blind people bad fortune tellers?

Because they don't have visions.

The Bartender says, "This bar is for fortune tellers only."

Two skeptics walk into a bar.

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