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What has 3 teeth and 100 legs?

A meth queue.

What has 3 teeth and 100 legs

An unemployment line in Tennessee.

What has 52 teeth and holds back a monster?

My zipper. I overheard my grandpa tell that joke as a kid and it always made me laugh.

Teet joke, What has 52 teeth and holds back a monster?

Why was the little piglet suckling on the cow's teet?

He was udderly confused.

What has 5 teeth and 60 eyes?

A bus full of old people

What's got no teeth and smells?

The gearbox in the wife's car...

What has 72 teeth and can hold back the Incredible Hulk?

My zipper.

Teet joke, What has 72 teeth and can hold back the Incredible Hulk?

What has 65 teeth and holds back the beast?

My pants zipper.

How do you know if your teeth are sensitive?

When you hurt their fillings

Your teeth are like the stars

Yellow and separated.

Why are Ethiopian's teeth so white?

Because they never use them

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What have 70 teeths and 2 eyes?

-An alligator.

Now what have 2 teeths and 70 eyes?

-A retirement home.

What has 3 teeth, 15 arms and 19 legs?

The front row of a Nascar race.

A teetotaler walks into a bar...

Bartender: See, if you'd been drunk, it wouldn't have hurt as much.

My teeth started a movement...

Plaque lives matter.

Your teeth are so yellow

...that cars slow down

The dentist said, "You need two root canals. They'll be expensive, but I'll let you pay...

..for them for $500 a month for 36 months."

I said, "Wow, those sound like car payments."

"They are."

I took someone's teeth out in the woods yesterday

It was an axe-i-dent

Why were the Carpenter's teeth so bad?

Because he was always biting his nails.

Which teeth are the brightest?

The wisdom teeth

Yo momma's teeth are so yellow

When she smiled at traffic, it slowed down

Her teeth were exquisite. They were bright and dazzling like the stars in the sky.

They also came out at night.

Are your teeth cold?

Then why are they wearing those yellow blankets?

(You just licked your teeth didn't you?)

Teeth are like college.

After experiencing with drugs, a few might drop out.

What has 32 teeth and hides a monster?

My zipper

Yo daddy's teeth are so yellow...

People think he has a bad, BAD aim!

What is the most common type of owl?

A teet.

I like my teeth like I like my people

Straight and White

Did you hear about the Buddhist monk who refused anesthesia for his root canal?

He wanted to transcend dental medication.

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