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Short tees jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The tees humour may include short ties jokes also.

  1. Why does the military only allow dress shirts at its ceremonies? Because civilian casual tees are unacceptable.
  2. "Do you think I'm good at golf, dad?" asked my son, before his tee shot. I said, "You've got a fairway to go yet."
  3. Someone blew up a department store because they didn't stock basic clothing... There were no casual tees.
  4. There was a mass shooting at the Gap store this afternoon. They're still counting the casual Tees.
  5. Why do soldiers have to wear such fancy uniforms? Because they don't allow civilian casual tees!
  6. On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Obsessed am I with Harry Potter? 9 3/4
    *Credit goes to a tee shirt I saw. I'm not that witty.*
  7. I made a bunch of custom t-shirts for my footballer friends, and they suddenly turned into philosophers. Must've been the soccer tees.
  8. Did you hear about the Native American chief who drank 50 gallons of Earl Grey? He was found dead in the morning, drowned in his tee-pee.
  9. The police are investigating the recent shootout at a fancy downtown restaurant. There are no reports of casual tees.
  10. Did you hear about the tragedy at the Hipster company's work retreat? There were several hundred casual tees.

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Tees One Liners

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  1. Why is the army so strict about their uniforms? To minimize casual tees...
  2. Apparently there was a mass shooting at the Gap. There were a lot of casual tees.
  3. What is the most common attire during WWII? Casual Tees
  4. What did the sunburnt manatee say? Man a tee shirt would be nice
  5. What beverage do golfers like to drink? Tee.
  6. What does Fetty Wap buy when he goes to Walmart? 7 tees, 30 eggs
  7. A man opened fire in a clothing store there were reports of casual-tees.
  8. Why is the show called SpongeBob when... Patrick is the star. Hurr durr. Tee-hee.
  9. New business idea We sell cammo tshirts.
    We call it "Casual tees of war"!
  10. What's the most common outfit in WWII? Casual-tees
  11. What kind of shirt do philosophers wear when kick the ball around? Soccer-tees
  12. What do you call a Black Jew? .....a menorah-tee.
  13. What do Greek soccer players wear? Soccer tee's
  14. What do you call a book about a shirt? Novel-tee
  15. What do you call the offspring of a tuna and a manatee? An oppor-tuna-tee!

Tees joke, What do you call the offspring of a tuna and a manatee?

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Did you hear about the b**... at the garment factory?

Apparently there were over 100 casual tees.

An e**... happened at a clothes store.

There were many casual tees.

Two guys are playing golf...

Two elderly gentlemen come to a par 3 hole. One of them tees up, starts to swing, but notices a f**... procession passing by. He stops mid-swing, takes off his hat and bows to the procession. After it passes, he puts on his hat and resumes his swing. The other man says to him, "Wow, that was really gentlemanly of you, paying your respects like that!" As he swings, he replies, "Well, she was my wife for 25 years..."

Did you hear about the e**... in a garment factory

Apparently there were over a hundred casual tees

need help figuring out a joke.

A girl I know keeps telling my friends a joke about golf. She insists it's a joke and not a riddle but none of us get it. Here it is:
Four guys go golfing. The first guy tees up, and hits the ball super far. The second guy tees up, and hits the ball really terribly. The third guy tees up, and hits the ball not as far as the first guy but further than the second guy. The last guy takes a red golf ball, tees up, hits the ball, and it goes up up up.
I don't get it and no one I knows can figure it out. Please help.

A golfer is playing golf by himself one Sunday morning. He comes to a par 3 that goes over a lake.

Dejectedly he takes an old scruffed up ball out of his bag and tees it up.
Suddenly he hears a loud , commanding voice from above say: TEE UP A NEW BALL.
He looks around surprised, then opens a brand new sleeve of Titleist and tees one up.
He hears the voice again: TAKE A PRACTICE SWING .
So he steps back and takes his best practice swing.
He hears the voice again: TEE UP AN OLD BALL.

A man walked into a thrift shop and couldn't bear to look

There were too many casual tees

Why couldn't the golfer sleep?

Because he'd had 18 tees.

Tees joke, Why couldn't the golfer sleep?