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What happened when the Eskimo teens went clubbing?

They got new fur coats.

A drunk white guy swerves and hits 2 black teens walking down the sidewalk

One went through the windshield, the other was flung 50 yards away.

When the police show up, they charge the first kid with breaking and entering and the other with fleeing the scene of a crime.

I cringe when teens brag about taking girls to pound town

because adopting a puppy together is a huge responsibility.

Teens joke, I cringe when teens brag about taking girls to pound town

Six West Virginia teens dead after pickup they were riding in crashes into the Ohio River

They couldn't get the tailgate down in time to escape.

New clothing store seen at local Mall named 'Off Topic'.

Apparently it's aimed at edgy teens with ADHD.

What do you call high school students doing a digestive system test?

In-test teens.

German teens sometimes say Ich bin Griechenland when they're broke which literally translates to I am Greece.

Teens joke, German teens sometimes say  Ich bin Griechenland  when they're broke which literally translates to

Religious gardening rising in popularity with today's youth.

Parents around the nation are alarmed at their teens obsession with Sects and Violets.

Happy 47th birthday, teens logging into adults-only websites!

And the same to anyone else whose birthday actually *is* January 1st, 1969.

How many teens does it take to change a light bulb

1, they stand there and wait for the world to revolve around them

So I've heard there's a heroin epidemic among white teens...

I guess they're used to shooting up to solve their problems

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What did 18 Year olds in the Byzantine Empire do for fun?

Nothing they were busy teens.

What do seal hunters and teens have in common?

They both love clubbin'

Why samurai women menapause in their teens?

Because there is no honor in bloodshed.

What do you call a group of terminally ill teens in Beijing, all of whom want to end their lives?


Hear about that judge getting 28 years for selling black teens to prisons?

Man, the IRS really nail you for not declaring income.

Teens joke, Hear about that judge getting 28 years for selling black teens to prisons?

What does Mike Tyson eat during the March for Teens?


How are Trump supporters and ISIS members the same?

They are both usually teens, they're mad at everyone but themselves, and they are ready to blow stuff up.

Where do edgy teens come from?


If Snapchat has taught me anything ....

.... it's that a lot of today's teens look better as farm animals.

Turns out that Roy Moore is having a bad influence on weather in Alabama.

The temperatures are flirting with the teens this week.

Hey, Roy Moore; what's the weather forecast?

Tonight, we'll be dipping into the teens.

What do you call a creepy old guy who hangs out at malls, and has sex with under age teens?

In Alabama, your Honor, but soon it will be "Senator".

Roy Moore is like winter

He's often dipping into the teens

Call me the temperature

Because tonight I'm dipping into the teens

What do Roy Moore and the recent weather have in common?

They've both been dipping into the teens at night.

Have you heard that the weather forecast in Alabama now favors Roy Moore?

It's expected to dip into the teens

GOP releases current polling numbers for Roy Moore

they're dipping into the teens

The weather suggests that turnout will be in Roy Moore's favor today.

It is expected to dip into the teens.

The forecast in Alabama is favoring Roy Moore...

The temperature is dipping into the teens.

It's going to be in the teens all next week

just like Kevin Spacey

Why does Roy Moore like D.C.

Because, while the temperature is 30Β°, the real feel is in the teens.

I'm writing a musical love story set in the '50s about 2 teens from the opposite sides of the tracks, falling in love during the National Origami Qualifiers.

I'm calling it "Crease."

Three teens are granted a wish each..

Nothing special happens, they all just wish you'd leave them alone.

What does A&W and Thailand have in common?

You can have 2 teens for $5

What do a priest and acne have in common?

Both come on your face during your teens

What do you call it when a school is made for Tumblr teens?


I'm sorry

On my way to school

I saw 4 teens beating up a lil kiddo so i decided to help out. He didn't stand a chance against the 5 of us

I saw a news story about teens getting high while washing in the shower...

They said it was a real slippery soap to harder drugs.

What do R. Kelly and the weather have in common?

They're both in the teens.

Whis is R. Kelly excited by all this cold weather?

He kept hearing it was gonna be in the teens

What do R. Kelly and current temperatures have in common?

They're both in the teens.

What's R. Kelly's favorite kind of weather?

He prefers it in the teens.

Actual conversation that took place in front of me today while waiting for my food at a chicken place...

There were 4 teens standing in front of me, 2 boys and 2 girls. One of the girls walks off to go to the restroom...

Guy A Hey man, is that your sister?

Guy B Yeah

Guy A I can tell, y'all look just alike. This is my sister and we don't look nothin' alike. I look just like my daddy... and she looks just like her daddy!

I laughed.

The government swore to shut down Fortnite due to claims of the video game aggravating children and teens worldwide.

Two weeks later, Fortnight was finished.

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