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What did the tectonic plate say to the other tectonic plate when he bumped into the him?

Sorry, my fault.

One tectonic plate bumped into another and said

"Sorry. My fault"

What did the tectonic plate say when it had a collision?

It's not my fault.

Tectonic joke, What did the tectonic plate say when it had a collision?

What do you call two tectonic plates having a fight?

Ground beef

What did one tectonic plate say to the other after the earthquake?

That was your fault!!!

What is it called when two tectonic plates have a romantic relationship?


What does the earth eat for breakfast?

Continental breakfast, served on tectonic plates.

Tectonic joke, What does the earth eat for breakfast?

Tectonic Plates

One tectonic plate said to the other, "I'm addicted to crack".
The other said, "It's your fault"

Why do tectonic plates keep rubbing each other up without any reason?

They have some dispute over whose fault it is.

What is the best kind of plate for a continental breakfast?

... a tectonic plate!

What sort of plate do you serve a continental breakfast on?


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What do you call a border dispute along tectonic plates that's settled through improv?

Whose Fault Line is it Anyway?

Why do tectonic plates wear diapers?

Because they're in continents.

How do tectonic plates have fun?

They meet up and crack each other up.

What is the highest honour for a geologist

To become a knight of the tectonic order.

Two tectonic plates are having a heated argument...

They seem to have diverging opinions.

Tectonic joke, Two tectonic plates are having a heated argument...

Most people thought the earthquake was from the shift of the tectonic plates...

But it really wasn't their fault.

Why are women unimpressed with the tectonic plates?

It came at them with just 2 cm per year.

What did the tectonic plate say to the other tectonic plate when they bumped into each other

Well it's not my fault!

Two tectonic plates ran into each other.

One of them says, "Oh, my fault!"

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