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The United States doesn't use torture techniques such as water boarding

The prefer the term "tactical baptism"

I just started practicing some speed reading techniques. Last night I read "War and Peace" in about 10 seconds.

I know it's only 3 words but it's a start!

How do you know archeologists are lonely?

Theyre always coming up with new dating techniques.

A company hire an efficiency expert as a consultant.

To everyone's surprise, the presentation was very interesting. For once many felt like this was a valuable use of time! as the presenter finished up, he said, "I hope you have found use in my presentation today, but I would warn you, be careful about using these techniques at home. The other night I was watching as my wife did the dinner dishes, and noticed some inefficiency in her technique. Wanting to be helpful, I advised her of several small improvements that could add up to maximum efficiency."
One of the attendees raised their hand,"Did it work? Did the dishwashing become more efficient?"
"Oh yes," the consultant replied,"before my advice, my wife took 18 minutes to finish the dishes, now I do it in 12."

Why do archaeologists get all the girls?

Because they have the best dating techniques.

That's the problem with writing books about suicide techniques

... you only get negative reviews.

I got a DVD on how to improve your foreplay techniques....

I had to fast forward through all the boring bits in the beginning though.

Techniques joke, I got a DVD on how to improve your foreplay techniques....

Biblical Parenting Techniques

Joseph: What should we do about Jesus acting up in school?

Mary: I don't know it's not like raising the Son of God came with Emmanuel

A man spends his days studying archeology at university, and his nights dreaming of someday finding a girlfriend.

No matter how hard he tried, he could never master the techniques of dating.

Eventually, his professors had to fail him.

A Russian and an American get on a plane in Moscow and get to talking.

The Russian says he works for the Kremlin and he's on his way to go learn American propaganda techniques.

"What American propaganda techniques?" asks the American.

"Exactly," the Russian replies.

How does a cannibal comedian practice comedy?

He uses different techniques to probe where the most humerus content is.

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Why are geologists so good at getting laid?

They know the best dating techniques.

My girlfriend has been trying new things in the bedroom lately..

...I have a headache, I'm stressed, and I've eaten too much are among her many new techniques.

I was visiting a jam factory the other day,

They asked me if I had heard of any of the new techniques being used to grow berries. I told them that I wasn't up to date on my currant events.

My girlfriend is the star of the local police department's bomb squad.

When asked what is her secret to such skilled techniques, she responded:

Plenty of practice every night with a short fuse and explosions that go off early.

I saw a how-to page on record scratch and DJ techniques.

It was a wikki-wikki Wiki.

Techniques joke, I saw a how-to page on record scratch and DJ techniques.

Five most popular enhanced interrogation techniques..

.. The fourth one will shock you!

I just finished an exciting book on 19th century shipbuilding techniques...

It was riveting.

I didn't learn much from Mario Party 64, but I did learn that...

the button mashing and joy stick rotation techniques don't necessarily translate well to the bedroom.

I was going to make a joke about relaxing meditation techniques...

...but zen again, maybe I won't.

Why did the baker get charged with arson?

Because he was skilled with pie roll techniques.

What do you call it when a late 60s rock band uses japanese cooking techniques to prepare food on a griddle?


Indian chicks are far better looking than the ones from the west

thanks to our revolutionary poultry farming techniques

APPLY TODAY and learn the techniques of TUNG FU

Before you know it, you'll have all your enemies licked.

"Hey Nerd, who brings a friggin book to a bar?!"

*My eyes narrow as I close my worn copy of Advanced Techniques for Winning Bar Brawls*

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