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Why do cats make better medical technicians than dogs?

Because dogs can't operate MRI machines, but catscan.

How many sound technicians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One....Two...One, Two...

Did you hear about the HVAC technicians who got into an argument?

At first it was heated, but they got some fresh air then things cooled off

Technicians joke, Did you hear about the HVAC technicians who got into an argument?

What was the internet technicians dying words?

Tell my WiFi love her

I'm afraid of being vulnerable in front of X-Ray Technicians.

They can see right through me.

Where do cyber security technicians go when they die?


What's better than a pair of Emerency Medical Technicians?

A paramedic(s)!

Technicians joke, What's better than a pair of Emerency Medical Technicians?

(Stolen but golden) Stevie Wonder is in the recording studio at the end of a long hard day.

He's chewing the fat with a few of the technicians.

One of them asks:

It must be hard being blind Stevie.

To which Stevie replies:

Yep, it's hard but at least I'm not black.

Back in 1950's Egypt...

Nasser wanted to know the age of a ancient statue that had been recently excavated. He went up to his KGB advisers and asked if their technicians could help. Just a few hours later, one of the KGB men told Nasser "The statue is just about 5,000 years old." Nasser was very impressed and asked "How did you Russians figure that out? My best archaeologists were dumbfounded by that one!" The Russian told Nasser "He confessed."

What's another name for NASA technicians who will never actually go into outer space themselves?


I have a couple of friends from Czech Republic who are sound technicians

Czech one. Czech two

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Lice Technicians who work with substandard tools...

Do their poor working conditions leave them scratching their heads?

How do IT technicians prefer to be paid?

Cache in hand.

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