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So i bought my girlfriend some new sexy lingerie for our anniversary. She said, 'I think this is more a gift for you than it is for me'

I said, "Well, if you want to get technical, it was a gift for my last girlfriend"

why don't robot chickens play basketball?

too many technical fowls

technically speaking

being gay used to make me happy

Technical joke, technically speaking

What's the technical term for a female to male sex change?

A strapadictome

Comcast Technical Support

I bought my girlfriend lingerie

A couple of months ago, I gave my girlfriend some fancy lingerie, and she actually got mad at me. She said, 'I think this is more of a gift for you than it is for me.' And I said, 'If you want to get technical, it was originally a gift for my last girlfriend.'

Not to get technical

But according to chemistry alcohol is technically a solution

Technical joke, Not to get technical

Technically I'm half centaur

TIL that regardless of the technical definition...

your girlfriend will not appreciate being called a tramp.

She's technically not wrong...

This actually happened last night with my girlfriend...
Me: So did you read 1984?
She: Yeah, I did...utopian society right?
Me:No it is the total you know the opposite of utopian?
She: yeah..Ethiopia right?
and yes she was being totally serious. in a technical sense, they're only relatively bad.

My jokes are so bad, they sometimes appear to violate causality..

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When she found out he worked in technical support, it really turned her on.

Then he turned her off. Then he turned her on again.

An Engineer was asked: "What is the Technical Difference between Welding and Wedding"

He replied: "Not much; both are joints, in a way.
In Welding there are sparks first and bonding forever, whereas in Wedding there is bonding first and sparks forever "

I find eli5's too technical and hard to understand...

Can I get an eliTrump?

Technically speaking, Muslim-heaven can't have alcohol or cheeseburgers.

So why do they even call it heaven?

A blonde calls a 24/7 support call center

The blonde asks what hours they are open for. The technical support person says we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The blonde stops for a moment a thinks. After a while she asks is that Eastern or Pacific time?

Technical joke, A blonde calls a 24/7 support call center

Joseph decides it's time to tell Jesus the truth....

Since Jesus is a teenager, Joseph thinks he can handle it. He tells Jesus that he's not really his father, in a technical sense.

Jesus is incredulous. He can't believe it. He asks who his father really is.

Joseph explains to Jesus that he's the son of god. Jesus can't even comprehend this. He can only manage to stammer out "No way"

Joseph looks at him and says "Yahweh..."

I really enjoy being technical.

You could say I get off on technicalities.

I'm going to start a business in India,

but have technical support staff in Boston. See how those bastards like it.

When you think about it, technically all Australian submarines are down under.

.............I'll let that sink in.

Working for IT is terrible.

You get into a very technical mindset. So much so that everytime you're on a computer you end up with that mindset, therefore saying things differently to the point of other people not understanding.

"Yes" ends up as "Y"

"No" ends up as "N"

"Disease" ends up as "iPhones"

Why did the restaurant staff deem the waiters absence due to depression to be a technical issue?

Because their servers were down.

How many German engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one. They are really good at technical things, and have no sense of humor.

Technically it was Moses.....

that had the first tablet that could connect to the cloud.

Well, it's a-one for the money, two for the show...

...three for technical support, four for accounts, five for the warehousing department.

This Unicode technical specification is extremely dull reading

But it does have many interesting characters.

What's the technical name for a person who hangs out with musicians?


Technically speaking, my sex drive is

a hard disk.

Technically, Carpenter is

The Chairman.

Technically, hindsight isn't 2020

Not until 2021, anyway

Have you ever heard the technical term for a broken escalator?


What do you work? I am the Personal Assistant of the Executive Technical Manager.

What does that mean?

I pass tools to the mechanic.

Technically speaking, the pentagon once had four sides

Technically DOOM is a Christian game...

Because all you do is kill Demons.

Technically the truth

The deaf can rape and say they never heard the victim say no.

Technically every person's life begins the same way the universe did:

With a big bang

Technically, all of us donate money to a children's charity.

It's called "government tax".

Technically, people in the 1980s were correct when they said we would have flying cars in the future.

They're just currently not very safe and one-use only.

A student is late for a zoom class...

"What took you so long?" the teacher asks.
"Technical difficulties" the student answers.
"I've heard that excuse a hundred times, let me guess, your wifi didn't work?"
"My clock"

Did you know?

Did you know: A squirrel's brain actually increases in size during winter to remember where they buried their nuts.


The technical term for it is post-nut clarity

Technically speaking

We have all kicked a pregnant woman.

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