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So Tim Tebow just hit a home run in his first professional at bat

But he had no idea what to do once he got to third base.

Offensive NFL joke. Trigger Warning: Terrorism/World Trade Centre/Religious, anybody who is offended do not open this link

I'm really worried about Tim Tebow taking over the QB position. The last time anybody that religious had control of the Jets 9/11 happened

BREAKING NEWS: Patriots admit Tim Tebow hired by mistake.

After tight end Aaron Hernandez request for white Bronco.


I haven't seen this many people following a white bronco since OJ!!!!! Ba-ha-ha!!

What's the difference between Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez?

Aaron Hernandez knew when to hang it up.

Tim Tebow is a lot like Mary because they're both virgins.

But at least Mary was able to produce.

Tim Tebow has hit a home run but...

Still hasn't made it past 1st base...

Tim Tebow hit his first homerun...

...unfortunately, he didn't know what to do after reaching 3rd base.

What 8 letter phrase means a healthy scratch?

Tim Tebow

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