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What was so special about Bounty's new line of paper towels?

nothing they were tearable.

Perforated Paper Products Inc just went out of business.

They should have seen it coming. They had a tearable product.

I cant English good?

I prefer to speaking to writing on paper so that my grammar isn't as tearable.

Tearable joke, I cant English good?

Did you hear about the perforated comedian?

He was tear-able!


Two brothers each start their own paper making companies. One day one brother notices that the other is very upset, so he asks what's wrong. To which the sad brother replies " I perforated all the paper to the point where it can't be used". Next the other brother replied " That's tearable ".

I would write all my puns on a piece of paper.

But I'm afraid they would be tear-able.

From my nine year old...

He walked up to me tore a piece of paper and walked away, I look at the paper it says "my puns" I ask what that was about, he says " I know... My puns are tear-able"... Thats my boy

Tearable joke, From my nine year old...

A buddy of mine quit his job at the paper mill,

He said the conditions were tearable.

I am a master of tearable puns

But only on paper

I just bought a notebook with perforated pages...

It's tearable.

You want to hear a paper pun?

It's tearable.

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Did you hear the low quality pun about the low quality parchment?

It's tearable.

Don't let the naysayers get you down, even the inventor of toilet paper had his critics...

"this is tearable" they said at first.

Perforated underwear

Now, that's a tearable idea

I really like paper...

...unless it's perforated, then it's tearable!

I once made a pun out of paper.

It was tearable.

Tearable joke, I once made a pun out of paper.

What did scissors say to paper after he beat rock?

You're tearable.

Wrapping paper isn't horrible.....

it's tear-able!

What do you call a bicycle made of paper?

A tearable bike

Why were people drawn and quartered?

They were tearable people

Low quality paper

Is tearable.

Did you hear about that incident last week with the perforated paper?

It was just tearable.

Did you hear the joke about the inexpensive tissue paper?

It's really tearable.

Guys I know why there are no paper jokes on this sub

It's because they're tearable

Never buy perforated paper

It's a tearable ripoff

Comedians are often sad clowns

Like their jokes, they tend to be tearable.

I would tell you a joke about paper.

But it's tear-able...

Why doesn't anyone like paper?

Because it's tearable

My work replaced our regular toilet paper with single ply. Everybody hates it...

...Its really tearable.



part credit to Amb_33 (thanks).

Did you hear the one about toilet paper?

Second thoughts it's tearable

Why are all glasses wearers able to rip paper with just one look?

They have tearable vision.

Wanna hear a terrible Joke?


Pretty tear-able, huh?

Wanna hear a joke about paper?

Nevermind. It's tearable.

Do you wanna hear a joke about paper?

It's tearable

Wanna hear a joke... a joke about paper?

Nevermind, it's tearable...

An original joke from my 7 year old daughter

Did you hear the joke about the piece of paper?

Don't worry about it, it's tearable!

{I'm sure someone in history has used this pun, but I was pretty impressed with her effort!}

A good pun is like a piece of paper.


Have you heard the joke about paper?

Never mind, it's tearable.

Why doesn't Charles Barkley like paper?

Because it's tearable.

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