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A little girl is having a tea party with her teddy bear.... "Would you like anything to eat Mr. Bear?"

The bear responds:"No, I'm stuffed."

The Tea Party

Mom went shopping, leaving Dad in charge of their daughter. Suzie was about 18 months old and loved playing with her new tea set. Dad was engrossed in the evening news when Suzie brought him a little cup of 'tea' (really just plain water).

He praised her good 'cooking,' so she brought him more. After several cups of 'tea,' and much praise, Mom came home.

"Honey, watch this," said Dad and had her wait in the living room as Suzie brought him another cup of tea.

"Isn't she just the cutest?"

Mom waited until he had polished off yet another cup of 'tea' before asking, "Did you ever think that the only place a baby can get water is the toilet?!"

A toddler, was giving her daddy a tea party

She brought him a little cup of "tea" which was just water, of course. After several cups of tea , her Mom came home, Dad made her wait in the living room to watch his little Princess bring him a cup of tea, because it was, "Just the cutest thing!" Mom waited, and sure enough, here she come down the hall with a cup of tea for Daddy. She watches him drink it up and then says, "You know the only place she can reach water, is the toilet!

A CEO, a union worker and a tea party member sit down at a table ...

The union worker sets out a dozen cookies he baked.
The CEO grabs them all and tells the tea partier that the union member stole his cookie.

So there's this guy at a party...

So there's this guy at a party and he wants to get a drink. So he goes over to where the tea is and there's a huge line. He then goes over to the water and again there's a huge line. He then goes over to the punch and there's no punchline.

What's it called when a group of people gossip at a Red Sox home game?

The Boston Tea Party

Three men are trapped on a desert island

When they find a tea pot. The first man rubs it an out comes a genie, "you have 3 wishes."
Man 1: "I wish I was at a party in the city!"
POOF he disappeared
Man 2: "I wish a was at my house with a beer!"
POOF he disappeared
Man 3: "I'm lonely now... I wish my friends were with me."

Tea Party joke, Three men are trapped on a desert island

What did the colonist say at the Boston Tea Party?

The price is too steep!

My daughter wanted to have a Disney princess tea party.

I couldn't find the tea or the dresses, so I settled for Taco Belle.

A man in Kentucky mixed together sweet tea, citrus juice and bourbon at a party

You were expecting a punch line weren't you?

We all know the new Avengers movie is just the Boston Tea Party but bigger.

Come on guys Infinite Tea War you weren't even subtle.

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The Marijuana Legalization PAC recently released a report detailing the African American demographic in the Tea Party

It was an example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Why don't murderers often attend tea parties?

They prefer a casual tea.

What do you call a Jewish host at a tea party?

A tea-brew.

What did the American revolutionist say to the British soldier after the Boston Tea Party?

See you in tea!

Why do they only serve herbal tea at Communist Party meetings?

Because property is theft.

(i know it's an oldie but I've never seen it here)

Tea Party joke, Why do they only serve herbal tea at Communist Party meetings?

Did you hear about the woman who missed the crafts and tea party?

They said she was a no sew.

A Tea party like revolution is coming to the Democratic party after the election. What should it be named ?

Half-Caff-Extra-Whip-Soy-Latte Party

Did you hear all the buzz about the Tea Party last night?

I didn't, my daughter said I wasn't invited...

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