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Taylor swift waved at a boy yesterday

But he didn't wave back... So she will have a new album coming out tomorrow.

What did Taylor Swift say after she had sex with Shaquille O'neal

My legs are never ever ever getting back together.

My car started making this whining noise...

So I took it to the shop and had the mechanic look over it. Turns out all he had to do was take the Taylor Swift album out.

Sorry if this was a repost, I took a quick browse and didn't see it anywhere.

Taylor joke, My car started making this whining noise...

I asked my friends for their opinions on Taylor Swift's latest song

None of them gave me a straight answer.

Its a little known fact that Taylor Swift wrote the song "Shake it off" after watching an NFL documentary about the dangers of concussions.

Taylor Swift's next album is going to be another break-up album.

It will be about her split with Spotify.

Taylor Swift went to the doctor..

...And received some bad news.

"You have the beginning stages of Parkinson's." The doctor said with sorrow...

Holding back the tears, Ms. Swift plead, "What am I supposed to do? I have a huge musical career!"

The doctor responded, "Just Shake it Off.."

Taylor joke, Taylor Swift went to the doctor..

Why are Taylor Swift's songs always a hit? (WARNING POKEMON JOKE)

Because swift never misses.

Want to know my favorite Taylor Swift song?

[ ]

What do you think Jesus's stance would be on guns?

I think he would be most strict on nail gun control.

(Credit to Taylor on PKA)

What's the difference between a lazy taylor and a lazy assasian?

A lazy taylor says,"Suit yourself." A lazy assasian says,"Shoot yourself."

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Why doesn't the saxophone like Taylor Swift?

Why does Taylor Swift have so many new dresses?

Because she is a very swift tailor.

Who would win in a fight, Michael J. Fox or Taylor Swift?

Michael J. Fox; he would just shake it off.

What's the difference between Victoria Taylor and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

One was fired, the other was terminated

What did Victoria Taylor say to Ellen Pao?

no really

Taylor joke, What did Victoria Taylor say to Ellen Pao?

What do you call a hockey line with Connor McDavid, Taylor Hall, and Nail Yakupov?

The Lottery Line

Who's the only person known to have had sex with OP's mom?

Sheriff Andy Taylor

i once told my girlfriend there was something between me and Taylor swift

blank space

What does Magic Johnson and Taylor Swift have in common?

They both have bad blood.

If Derrick Rose was a singer

He would have more songs about being hurt then Taylor Swift

Name one thing Taylor Swift doesn't have in her purse

Her boyfriend's phone number

What do Taylor Swift and Charlie Sheen have in common?

Bad blood.

California Earthquake

Today there was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake reported in California.
Taylor Swift was quoted as saying "Shake it, shake it off".

In 20 years I will publish a book

Titled 'The Complete List of the Boyfriends of Taylor Swift'.

Kanye West ruined his chances of having sex with Taylor Swift this weekend...

TIDAL and his album release have proven he's premature.

What do Taylor Swift and Avada Kedavra have in common?

They'll leave you breathless or with a nasty scar.

What did the three eggs say to Taylor Swift?

Omelette you finish...

What's a blackboard during math class got in common with Taylor Swift lyrics?

Both are littered with x-es

I guess Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift couldn't keep their relationship...


In light of the recent Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston news. I believe they shouldn't have let slip they are dating and kept it Loki

(Joke above)

Last year, Taylor Swift went on a world tour called TS 1989

That must've been an awkward stop in Beijing

What do you call a fast clothes maker?

Taylor Swift!

Made up by my nine year old :)

I don't understand why Taylor Swift has removed all of her music from streaming services

You can stream Taylor Swift anytime you want just by turning on the radio

Taylor Swift is marrying her boyfriend

She's having a Loki wedding

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift's relationship is over after just three months because he wanted it to be more public...

I guess she wanted it to be more Loki.

Maybe It's You

The debut album from the literal chorus of Taylor Swift exes.
Available for download from iTunes soon.

Taylor Swift 'Split' with Tom Hiddleston after 3 months of romance.

Very swift.

Who's the fastest tailor in the world?

Sonic the Swift Taylor

How fast can you move on on a scale of Justin Timberlake to Taylor Swift?

I think I'm about an Adele.

My friends are named after what they do...

My friend Butch is a butcher, my friend Taylor is a tailor, and my black friend's name is Rob

Why doesn't Taylor Swift date other singers?

So that when they break up they can't tell their side of the story!

What's the difference between Taylor Swift and a stale Pepsi?

The stale Pepsi won't write a song about me after I dump it.

You know many surnames are taken from jobs. Taylor , Smith , Cooper, etc.

Man, am I glad my last name isn't Dickinson!

Who was the first person ever to have sex with OPs mom?

Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry

I used to be addicted to quoting Taylor Swift

But I think I'm finally clean.

A blond is asked the definition of Politics.

She says "Simple! It comes from two words. The first, poly- which is Latin for many. And ticks, which are blood sucking bugs."

A deranged fan sneaked into Taylor Swift's dressing room.

She didn't hear him coming.

What do you call it when Taylor Swift sentences you to prison?

Swift justice

I'm not that big of a fan of Taylor Swift's break-up songs.

Personally, I think we need to hear from all of her ex-boyfriends before we can pick a side.

Why do vampires avoid Taylor Swift?

They know she's got bad blood.

Sean Taylor really took being a Redskin to heart.

His home got invaded & he got shot.

Judge tells Taylor Swift to turn the other cheek

It didn't sit well with her.

My friend from Beijing asked me to suggest some nice Taylor Swift songs so I asked him to listen to "T.S.1989" album

I haven't heard anything from him since

I think Taylor Swift's new single defies expectations.

No one expected it to be trash, did they?

Did you hear that Taylor Swift stopped singing songs about herself?

She sings all about it in her new hit song.

what did taylor swift say when she urgently needed a new suit?

tailor, swiftly please.

Why didn't the vampire attack Taylor Swift ?

She had bad blood.

My music teacher asked me a question. I said, "Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift."

"Excuse me?" he replied, hesitantly. "I was asking if you knew 'sheet' music."

Your mama's so fat...

Her shirts have more X's than Taylor Swift.

Who you gonna call to get you a new dress at the last hour of your wedding?

Taylor Swift

What's the difference between a smooth sewer and a terrible songwriter?

Ones a swift tailor and the other is Taylor Swift!

Mr. Taylor was a tailor, Mr. Shuman was a shoe man...

What was Mr. Dickinson?

Why should you never accept a dress making competition with Taylor Swift?

Because she's tailor swift...

Literary historians recently found a Briton recipe for a citrus-based sauce translated by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It was called the 'Lime of the Ancient Marinade'

A vampire goes on a rampage and kills every celebrity in the world, except...

Taylor Swift. She had bad blood.

Taylor Swift's new song with Chris Brown is gonna be

A real hit

Taylor Swift's Ex could be the next big pop star

Because it could be anyone.

What is the official song of ladies that are having a bad menstrual cycle?

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift.

What do you call Taylor Swift when she burns herself in the kitchen?

SautΓ© Tay

XXXTentacion just beat Taylor Swift's Spotify streaming record

Even in the afterlife, XXX is still beating women

What's got 10,000 legs and three pubes?

A Taylor Swift concert.

What do the earth and Taylor Swift have in common?

They are both flat

Son: "Dad, why don't you like Taylor Swift?"

Dad: "Because she's too *fast*, son."

How many Taylor Swifts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Two. The old one to position it and the new one to do the honors.

If people whose last name is Mason came from stone workers and people with the last name Taylor came from tailors...

then I don't want to know what the Dickinson family used to do.

If Taylor Swift wrote a song about being "Thankful for her Exes"

It would be as long as a movie soundtrack. Because she has so many exes.

As a 50 year guy Taylor Swift concerts are awesome

I don't have a daughter but I am sure someone there needs a daddy.

What do you call a tailor that stitches quickly?

Taylor Swift.

What do you get when you cross Taylor Swift's hair strand with salt?

a restraining order

Taylor Swift sounds better on Azerbaijani radios

Because she never gets played

One of my friends from Beijing is a big fan of Taylor Swift ..

He asked me to suggest some good album of her .

So I told him to try TS 1989 .

I haven't heard from him ever since .

I was going to a Taylor Swift concert but didn't have a new set of clothes for it.

So I went to the Tailor, Swift.

Tim McGraw has achieved something in his life no other man has

A positive song mention from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is dropping albums like I'm dropping pounds

Only two, but still more than anyone expected.

How did Marjorie Taylor Greene find out about the secret Jewish Space Laser?

It Torah hole in the atmosphere!

Ginny and Georgia sexist joke

What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift!

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