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A man was walking along the beach with his mother-in-law...

She was complaining about how much of a good-for-nothing husband he was to her daughter, when he saw a bottle on the ground. He picked it up, wondering what it was, when a genie popped out. The genie told the man he could make 3 wishes, but when he saw the mother-in-law, said whatever the man got, the mother-in-law would get double. The man thought for a while and agreed. "I would like 1 million dollars," the man said. "Your wish is granted," said the genie. 1 million dollars was added to the man's banking account, and 2 million to the mother-in-law's. She starts complaining, "Thanks a lot, now I'll have to manage all this money, why do you have to be so selfish?!" The next wish was for a large house, and that wish was granted. This meant the mother-in-law would have a house twice as big, and started complaining about how she would have to clean such a large house, and the taxes would be expensive.
For the man's final wish, he wished to be beaten half to death.

Six months

A woman is told by her doctor that she has six months to live.

"Is there anything I can do?" she asks.

"Yes, there is," the doctor replies. "You could marry a tax accountant."

"How will that help my illness?" the woman asks.

"Oh, it won't help your illness," says the doctor, "but it will make that six months seem like an eternity!"

The German tax evader in Switzerland

A German wants to bring his untaxed savings to a number account in Switzerland.

He sneaks into the bank, looks around and whispers to the bank assistant:
"Psst! I've got 2 million euros in my suitcase!"

The bank assistant replies in a normal voice:
"Why do you try to be so unsuspicious? Poverty is not a shame in Switzerland."

Tax Accountant joke, The German tax evader in Switzerland

I'm thinking of quitting my job as an accountant

The work is just too taxing.

Why do accountants hate pre-tax income?

It's gross.

A man goes to see his accountant

A man goes to see his accountant about some help filing his taxes.

The accountant: okay I'll just need some information. What do you do for a living?

The man: I'm a dentist.

A: okay, and are you married?

M: yes, i am!

A: okay, and what does your wife do for a living?

M: well, it's sorta hard to say...

A: okay, but i need this information to proceed. What does she do?

M: She sells seashells down by the seashore!!

My accountant is tired from doing too many taxes.

He developed H&R block.

Tax Accountant joke, My accountant is tired from doing too many taxes.

I got fired for not accepting a raise at my job this week because I didn't want to lose money paying higher taxes in the next bracket.

I sure feel bad for the accountant they hire to replace me.

Accounting is hard

I guess you could say its mentally taxing

What do call an ant that helps you with your taxes?

An account-ant.

Why did Trump invite George W Bush to the white house?

His accountant said he needed a W2 for taxes

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Instead of an accountant, hire a philosopher to do your taxes.

It's the thought that counts.

Where do homeless accountants live?

In a tax shelter.


There are a lot of cons about Switzerland...

...Their pretentiousness, their tax-evading bank accounts, their neutrality

But on the other hand, their flag is a big plus.

So my accountant told me I should open an aquarium....

He said it was for tax porpoises.

I quit my job as an accountant

It was just too taxing

Tax Accountant joke, I quit my job as an accountant

Yo momma so dumb

she tried to avoid taxes by setting up an offshore bank account on Hawaii!

Q: Who makes the best detective - Sherlock Holmes or a tax accountant?

A: The tax accountant - she make's more deductions.

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