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A man walks into a bar, and begins reading the menu overhead the smoking hot bartender.

The sign reads as follows:

* Nachos $4

* Hamburger $3

* Hotdog $2

* Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3

* Grilled Cheese $2

* Fries, Onion Rings, and Tater Tots $1.50

* Handjob $10

After he looks over the menu for a moment he asks the bartender, "Are you the one who gives the handjobs?" "Why yes I am." replies the bartender seductively. Then says the man, "Wash your hands! I'd like a hamburger."

ESPN literally hired a potato for one of its broadcasts

When asked why they responded that they needed a common tater.

Mr Potato Head's wife is upset.

She claims he won't tater anywhere.

Tater joke, Mr Potato Head's wife is upset.

What do you call slutty girls from Idaho?

Tater thots

What kind of job does your average potato have?

He's a common tater.

The tater tots I took to my friend's super bowl party..

were just like the Patriots.

A little old, but seasoned to perfection...

What do you call a promiscuous girl in special ed?

A tater thot

Tater joke, What do you call a promiscuous girl in special ed?

Someone at a sports event says In all of my years as a spud, I have never seen a play as amazing as that one . Who was that someone?

The common tater

Do you know what a dictator is?

An evil tater tot.

What do you call a promiscuous girl with down's syndrome?

A Tater Thot.

What do you call a midget stripper?

Tater thot

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What do you call the children of a couch potato?

Tater tots

What do you call a regular potato discussing the news?

A common tater.

I'm going back to bed.

Couch potato joke

I have a fat roommate that loves to stream but every time he does it he commentates on every little thing! hes such a common tater!

What do you call a hash brown trying too hard to be sexy?

A tater thot.

I have a tattoo of a Russet potato on my right shoulder, and of a Sweet Potato on my left.

They are my Tater Tats

Tater joke, I have a tattoo of a Russet potato on my right shoulder, and of a Sweet Potato on my left.

What do you call a stinky potato?

Tater toots!

What do you call toddlers with down syndrome?

Tater Tots

What do you call a promiscuous potato?

A tater thot.

What do you call the announcer at a potato game?

A common tater.

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